What is Vedic Astrology?

Vedic Astrology

Vedic Astrology is Indian or Hindu astrology, a system that created in ancient India and which was acknowledged by sages in the Vedic Texts. This System is also called "Jyotish"—The Science of Light—Vedic astrology deals with astronomical events that are thought to decide our fate.

Astrology is the science of the results of planetary influences on our lives. Astrology is derived from astronomy, and astrologers require knowing the exact locations of the planets among the unchanging stars at any specified time, and the accurate places of the zodiacal unchanging star signs about any place on earth at any specified time. Once the accurate places of the signs and planets are identified, astrologers can make charts on behalf of these positions. By their knowledge, astrologers can analyze the charts and can make certain conclusions in relation to the individual. Mainly, astrology is used to know one's self and our destiny for this life.

Basic Principle of Vedic Astrology

The basic principle of Vedic Astrology is that all things are connected. Your karma or fate is decided by a fated cosmic design. You are a soul incarnating in a body at an extremely precise time and location, and your life is an expression of the greater whole into which you are born, as blossoms flourish at definite times, when the entire circumstances are completely affable. So is the matter with our births on this planet, as per the theory of karma.

What Are Charts?

In Astrology, the most important thing is your chart. It's a map of the planets in the signs of the zodiac. Charts are made according to an accurate time at an accurate location on earth. So, the time you were born and the location you were born has a chart, which is called your "birth chart" or "natal chart".

By analyzing the chart of the constellations for the time and location of your birth, astrologers say they can know a lot about you. The places of the planets in the zodiac are used and your "dashas" (predictive timeline) are given. Your Vedic chart will very possibly reveal your actual life, and your dashas are possibly working the manner they should. The Vedic astrologer analyze at these planets, signs and house positions in your chart and can "perceive" your qualities, and life incidents and potential—both the favorable and the inauspicious times in your life. The dashas are then used to decide "at what time" the incidents will happen in the life.

The Predictive Magic of Vedic Astrology

Dashas provide a better foretelling precision to Vedic astrology than is likely with Western astrology. These "planetary governing phases," which are exceptional to this system, provide Vedic astrologers a method for very perfectly foretelling the movements, changes, and incidents in your life with remarkable accuracy. So, Vedic astrologers can easily tell about what's going to happen in your life.

How Is It Different From Western Astrology?

Vedic astrology varies from Western or Tropical astrology mostly in that it utilizes the unchanging zodiac as opposed to the changing zodiac. Owing to the slow leaning of the earth in space on its axis, the zodiac, if you analyze it from the sun's connection to the earth, looks to be moving at the rate of a bit under 1/60 of a degree every year. Now, the relative or impermanent zodiac is off (out of alignment with) from the unchanging or actual constellation-based zodiac by approximately 23°, which is approximately one entire sign of the zodiac. As the two systems are skewed from one another by almost one entire sign, many people's "Sun Sign"—that which you may find from the paper every day, is generally one sign back when the chart is remade via Indian Vedic astrology. Therefore the first wonder of using the Indian Vedic Astrology is that you no longer relate to the Sun Sign you at all times thinking you were. Though, if you were born in the previous 5 days, then you will possibly still be the same sign in the Indian Vedic system.

Personal Experience Acharya V Shastri

Most of the Astrologers strongly trust that Vedic astrology, with its ties to the ancient knowledge of ancient Vedic text, is a grand source of deep knowledge, and certainly gives a realistic means of knowing and foretelling the happenings of life.