Results of Transit by Ashtakvarga

Transit means travel of a planet presently on a sign. Ashtakvarga is based on transit. Moon is controller of mind, its importance is also due to its being the fastest planet but other planets are also important. The sign housing the Moon is regarded as ascendant and horoscope thus prepared is used for prediction like natal horoscope.

Results of Transit of Sun in 12 Houses
  1. The native will have loss of wealth, unwanted trouble and hurdles in-accomplishing what he undertakes during the transit of the Sun over the first house. He will suffer from pain in chest and will keep going on travels without any purpose. He will be short-tempered.
  2. The Sun transiting over second house causes loss or misuse of wealth, lack of happiness and problem in eyes to the native. He happens to be obstinate by nature. Some people might cheat him.
  3. The native will have sudden gain of wealth, good news from distant places and win over enemies during the transit of the Sun over the third house. He will win court cases against him and will remain happy as well.
  4. The Sun transiting over the fourth house causes painful family life, laziness and diseases. Dispute between the native and his wife is possible. He will have to face hurdles in accomplishing his jobs.
  5. During the transit of the Sun over the fifth house, the native will be weak by health and will have to face hurdles in accomplishing his jobs. The sphere of his enemies will enhance further. Mental agony is also possible.
  6. The native will win over his enemies during the transit of the Sun over sixth house. He will win court cases against him. He will enjoy good health and will remain happy.
  7. The native will suffer from problems in stomach and private parts, if the seventh house of his horoscope is under the transit of the Sun. Besides, he will suffer from piles and mental ailments. Loss of dignity and aimless travels are possible. He will be a pauper.
  8. During the transit of the Sun over eighth house, the native will have difference of opinions with the people in the society and in his office. He will be at odds with his wife and will suffer from different diseases.
  9. The native will have dispute with his friends and relatives during the transit of the Sun over ninth house. He will be a pauper and will have to face troubles. He may suffer loss in business. Accident, problems in stomach and mental ailment are also possible.
  10. During the transit of the Sun over 10th house the native will achieve his desired goal. During the transit of the Sun over 10th house the native will achieve his desired goal.
  11. The native will earn name and fame and financial gain during the transit of the Sun over eleventh house. He will be free from diseases and will emerge successful at every step. He will achieve his desired goal.
  12. The transit of the Sun over twelfth house proves to be auspicious. The native by his good deeds and proper remedies will emerge successful at every step during this period of transit. He will prove to be a man of firm character, but he might face agonies and distresses caused by his enemies. Mental ailment is also possible.
Results of Transit of Moon in 12 houses
  1. In first house, the Moon augurs success in job, enhancement in happiness and prosperity and good news from a distant place.
  2. While in second, it causes disrepute, dispute without any reason, mental agony, misuse of money, financial loss and troubles.
  3. The native having Moon in third house wins in court cases and over enemies. He enjoys a happy and prosperous family life and the sphere of prosperity gets enhanced. Financial gain and bright future are also possible.
  4. The Moon in fourth house causes fear from state, worries, perturbation, loss while in journey, hurdles in accomplishing jobs and mental tension.
  5. While in fifth house, the Moon causes unwanted worries, grief etc. The native goes on travel without any reason in this period. However, he enjoys financial gain.
  6. In sixth house, the Moon tells of enhancement in the sphere of happiness and prosperity, good health, win over enemies, win in litigation etc.
  7. The native having Moon in seventh house gets honor and the sphere of his happiness and prosperity may enhance. Accomplishment of such a job or an agreement is possible that may earn benefit and financial gain in future.
  8. While in eighth house, the Moon causes hurdles, worries and unfavorable results. Hurdles in accomplishing what all the native undertakes are also possible.
  9. In ninth house, the Moon causes mental tension, problems in stomach, financial loss, aimless travels etc.
  10. The Moon transiting in tenth house augurs success, accomplishment of jobs undertaken, worry free life, happiness, enthusiasm, cooperation from higher officials, fulfilment of desires etc.
  11. The native will have new friends, success in job and business and good news, if the Moon is transiting in his tenth house. He will overcome his hurdles and hardships.
  12. In twelfth house, the Moon causes possibility of accident, injuries on the body caused by enemies, unwanted expenses, worries and hardships.
Results of Transit of Mars on 12 Houses
  1. Mars transiting in first house causes hardships, hurdles, financial loss and worries.
  2. The native will have to face troubles caused by the government or the high ranking officials, if Mars is in the second house of his horoscope. Dispute and mental agony are possible. His enemies may cause loss. Trouble in speech, headache, mental tension etc. is also possible.
  3. Mars in third house tells of success in whatever the native undertakes. Financial gains, friendship with high ranking officials and cooperation from them, gain of wealth and win over enemies are possible.
  4. If in fourth house, Mars causes loss of job or the person may not have a desired position. He may suffer from fever, problems in stomach and abnormal blood pressure. Hurdles in accomplishing auspicious exercises and disputes with relatives are possible.
  5. Enemies of the native become stronger and overpowering if Mars transits in his fifth house. He may suffer from fever. Worries, hurdles in accomplishing jobs, difference of opinions with the relatives and dispute with sons are also possible.
  6. The native wins over his enemies or compromise with them is possible, if Mars is transiting in his sixth house. He remains free from diseases during this period. Success in whatever he undertakes and favourable situations are imminent.
  7. Mars in seventh house causes dispute with wife and in laws. It also causes eye problems, problems in stomach, abnormal blood pressure or blood related diseases.
  8. While transiting in eighth house, Mars causes anemia, high blood pressure, deterioration in diseases etc. It also causes possibility of accident, injuries on the head, loss of wealth and unwanted travel. Enemies of the native cause trouble and troublesome situations grow further.
  9. Mars transiting in the ninth house of the native causes him loss in honor and dignity and loss of wealth and physical weakness. He suffers from loss of virility. He has to face various types of hurdles.
  10. If transiting in the tenth house, Mars causes obstacles in auspicious exercises to be performed in the family of the native. He may prove to be unsuccessful even if he works harder.
  11. While transiting in the eleventh house, Mars creates some favorable situations for the native and speaks of unexpected success in whatever he undertakes. He earns name and fame and financial gains and wins over his enemies. He also wins the faith of his officials.
  12. If in twelfth house, Mars causes loss of health, unwanted dispute, eye problems, dispute with relatives and worries.
Results of Transit of Mercury on 12 Houses
  1. While transiting in the first house, Mercury causes loss of wealth and troubles to the native. He has to face unwanted worries during this period caused due to the wrong counsel of some unworthy people. He cannot achieve his target even if he goes on trip for the same.
  2. Hurdles and troubles are possible in accomplishing what all the native undertakes, if Mercury transits over his second house. Some sad news related to any of his relatives may jolt him. However, financial gain is imminent.
  3. Enemies of the native will cause him loss, if Mercury transits in his third house. Disfavor from state, troubles from officials, unwanted dispute, mental agony aimless travels etc. are possible during this period.
  4. Pending work will be expedited during this period of Mercury transiting in the fourth house of the native. Financial gain, mitigation of hardships, good news about relatives, mental happiness etc. are possible.
  5. While transiting in fifth house, Mercury causes disrespect from the sons, dispute in family and mental agony. Troubles grow further during this period.
  6. Mercury transiting in the sixth house of the native makes him accomplish whatever he undertakes He gets name, fame and respect in the society.
  7. While transiting in the 7th house, Mercury causes some relief in skin disease if the native is suffering from. It also causes high blood pressure, differences with near and dear ones, hurdles, worries etc.
  8. If transiting in eighth house, Mercury tells of increase in the number of members of the family. Some auspicious exercises may take place in the family. Gain of wealth is possible and pending work will be expedited. The native will get success in business.
  9. While transiting in ninth house Mercury causes mental troubles and delay in financial gain. Hardships and hurdles in auspicious functions are also possible.
  10. Transiting in the tenth house of the native causes humiliations to his enemies. On the other hand the native himself will succeed in business. The planet in this situation tells of accommodation of wealth, enhancement in material happiness and cooperation from true friends of the native.
  11. The native will have bliss of progeny and benefit from them during this period of Mercury transiting in eleventh house.
  12. Defeat at the hand of enemies, hurdles in cooperation from friends futile travels are possible if Mercury transits in the twelfth house of the native. He will be diseased and will have to face troubles in family life.
Results of Transit of Jupiter on 12 Houses
  1. Transiting in the first house of the native, Jupiter causes financial loss, sudden obstacles, wrath of holy spirits etc. Long journey and loss of wealth are possible.
  2. The native enjoys material happiness during this period of Jupiter transiting in his second house. Prosperity in family, financial gain and success in influencing others are possible.
  3. While transiting in the third house of the horoscope of the native Jupiter causes deterioration of status, hurdles in his jobs, disrepute and financial loss. A sense of wandering aimlessly develops in him during this period.
  4. Transiting in fourth house, Jupiter tells of conspiracy plotted against the native by his relatives. Injuries on body caused by some four legged animal is possible. He will also have to bear the adverse outcome of his deeds performed earlier.
  5. Jupiter transiting over fifth house of the native tells of birth of a son child, bliss of progeny, overall development, benefit from state and favorable time.
  6. Transiting in sixth house, Jupiter causes dispute with cousins, worsening ailments, mental tension, inimical behaviour from friends and financial loss.
  7. Jupiter transiting over seventh house augurs greater happiness and prosperity, good health, gain, etc. The native may purchase a vehicle and his art of oration may improve.
  8. While transiting in eighth house, Jupiter causes ailments worsening further, journey in vain, hurdles in accomplishing jobs and many other problems. Financial loss is also possible.
  9. The sphere of happiness and prosperity of the native enhances further during the transit of Jupiter in his ninth house. Advent of luck and enhancement in the sphere of influence, courage, repute, name and fame are also possible.
  10. If transiting in tenth house, Jupiter causes loss in business, hurdles in accomplishing jobs, retrenchment from post, hurdles in promotion, worries for children etc. Some sad news is also possible.
  11. Jupiter transiting in eleventh house of the native causes off good health, bliss of son child or benefit from the son, enhancement in repute and name and fame etc.
  12. While transiting in twelfth house, Jupiter causes hurdles in achieving goal, financial loss, fear, worries and bad dreams.
Results of Transit of Venus on 12 Houses
  1. Transiting in first house, Venus augurs enhancement in the sphere of happiness and prosperity, financial gain and favorable opportunities.
  2. The native will have financial gain during the transit of Venus in his second house. This will give him mental happiness, income from different sources etc. He will enjoy a happy life and will achieve his goal.
  3. While transiting in third house, Venus causes financial gains, success in business, respect, and name and fame.
  4. The native will establish friendship with new people during the transit of Venus in his fourth house. He will have gain from his friends and will win over his enemies. His economic condition will improve further.
  5. Venus transiting in the fifth house indicates that the native will enjoy bliss of children. Birth of a child in family is possible. Financial gain and name and fame are imminent. The virtuous deeds of his children will earn him respect during this period.
  6. The transit of Venus in sixth house will create a pleasure and favorable environment around the native. But some hurdles in accomplishing his jobs are also possible.
  7. Venus transiting in seventh house causes dispute with wife and deterioration in her health. Accident and trouble from in laws are possible.
  8. While transiting in the eight house of the native, Venus causes him mental trouble, infamy, financial loss etc. During this period, he proves to be a man of lose character, wandering aimlessly. Besides, he fails in achieving his goal.
  9. During the transit of Venus in ninth house, the native will build or buy a building, or some favorable situation for the same will be created. Profit in property dealing is possible. Enhancement in the sphere of happiness and prosperity is imminent. For unmarrieds, chances of marriage will crop out.
  10. Transiting in the tenth house Venus makes the native influential more than before. He earns name, fame and respect in the society. But differences with near and dear ones, dispute in family, increase in expenses etc. are possible. However, he becomes much interested in spiritual exercises.
  11. While transiting in eleventh house, Venus causes downfall, ruin, defeat from • enemies, dispute with relatives, various types of troubles etc.
  12. Transiting in twelfth house Venus indicates that the native will have gain from new friends, financial gains, mental happiness etc.
Results of Transit of Saturn on 12 Houses
  1. While transiting in the first house, Saturn gives malefic results. The native may consume poison, or there might be some poisonous attacks on his body. Accident, conspiracy by the members of the family, inimical behavior from friends etc. are possible. Overseas trip, transfer, disrespect etc. are also imminent. He will develop in him a sense of telling lie. He will stay away from home.
  2. Transiting in second house Saturn causes deterioration in ailments, diseases of different types, loss of wealth, insult, hurdles, delay in child birth, etc. It also causes hurdles in accomplishing whatever the native undertakes.
  3. Income, new sources of business, income from different sources, expansion of the sphere of happiness and prosperity of the native etc. are possible during the transit of Saturn over third house. Appointment or transfer to a place of liking, expansion in the realm of business are imminent. Besides, all types of auspicious functions are performed in the family.
  4. The native stays aloof from his family, if Saturn transits in his fourth house. He will have difference and dispute with his friends also and will have no faith in them. Sabotaging tendencies get encouraged. Emotions get glozed.
  5. Transiting in fifth house Saturn causes sudden loss, hurdles in business, defamation, loss of a child, hurdles from children, mental tension etc.
  6. Saturn gives some favourable results during its transit in sixth house of the native. He wins over his enemies, earns popularity among friends and relatives, enjoys good health, wins in litigations and overcomes hardships during this period. Besides, he develops a sense of fascination towards opposite sex.
  7. Transiting in seventh house, Saturn causes the native hurdles in accomplishing his jobs, dispute with wife, separation from children and difference with his friends. He keeps on wandering aimlessly.
  8. The native will have mental happiness and will be able to overcome his hardships during the transit of Saturn in eighth house. But loss of bliss of child, abortion, loss of livestock, dispute with friends, strife, theft, loss of health, irritation in nature etc. are also possible.
  9. Saturn transiting in ninth house causes miserable plight, loss of wealth, hurdles in auspicious functions, defamation, death of an old person in the family, agony, worries and loss in business etc.
  10. Transiting in tenth house, Saturn causes disrespect, financial loss etc. He/She loses his/her character during this period. He/She remains perturbed due to financial loss.
  11. Changes in mood, hindrances in jobs undertaken, troubles and problems etc. are possible during the transit of Saturn in eleventh house. However, gain of wealth is also possible by evil acts, fraudulent, bribery etc.
  12. Saturn transiting in twelfth house, keeps the natives indulged in futile activities. It causes misuse of time, financial loss, loss of health, loss in business, distress to wife and children etc. The native keeps wandering during this period. He has to face defeat at the hand of his enemies.
Results of Transit of Rahu on 12 Houses
  1. While transiting in first house, Rahu causes physical weakness and various types of troubles and agonies.
  2. If transiting in second house, Rahu causes loss or misuse of wealth and loss of bliss in the family as well.
  3. During the transit of Rahu in third house, the native will have gain of wealth from different sources and the sphere of his valor will expand further.
  4. The native will have to suffer much during the transit of Rahu in fourth house. Accident and trouble caused by vehicle are also possible.
  5. Rahu transiting in fifth house causes loss of wealth, loss of bliss of child or pain to children.
  6. The sphere of happiness, reputation and respect of the native will expand further during the transit of Rahu in sixth house.
  7. During the transit of Rahu in seventh house, loss of health, loss of bliss of conjugal life and dispute are possible.
  8. Transiting in eighth house, Rahu causes deadly pain, pain during travels etc. It makes the native wander aimlessly.
  9. The native has to face financial loss during the transit of Saturn in ninth house.
  10. Gain of wealth, benefit from state or from the state officials etc. are possible during the transit of Rahu in tenth house.
  11. The sphere of wealth and prosperity gets enhanced during the transit of Rahu in eleventh house. Cooperation from leaders is also possible.
  12. Rahu transiting in twelfth house causes sudden expenses and expenses over trip to foreign lands.
Results of Transit of Planets by Rekhas

The information about results of transit of planets according to the rekhas is presented in following pages:


8 Rekhas : Having 8 Rekhas, the Sun happens to be favourable and gives wealth.

7 Rekhas : The Sun with 7 Rekhas gives mental happiness, name, fame and wealth.

6 Rekhas : With 6 Rekhas, the Sun augurs that the person will progress and will be elevated to a higher post.

5 Rekhas : The Sun with 5 Rekhas enhances the sphere of wealth and property of the person. He may have gain of land and vehicle.

4 Rekhas : Neutral, that means that the person will have neither malefic nor benefic effects of the Sun. Time for him remains normal.

3 Rekhas : The person having Sun with 3 Rekhas will have to face problems before getting success.

2 Rekhas : The person will have loss caused due to his own stupid actions in this position of the Sun.

1 Line : The Sun with one line causes terrible or deadly affliction.

Here the effects of the Sun with different Rekhas have been mentioned. An example is being cited to make it more clear. If Sun transits the first house, it will cause financial loss, unwanted trouble etc.

But if the Sun has eight Rekhas, some favorable circumstances will come up in spite of troubles prevailing around. The result will be the same as said above, if the Sun is with four Rekhas. But the Sun will shower its most adverse effect, if it has only one or no line.

Therefore, an astrologer should make a deep study of the Sun before making prediction. Study of all the other planets should be made the way it has been done with the Sun. Now the prediction of the effects of the planets with or without Rekhas is given below.


8 Rekhas : Moon with 8 Rekhas augurs mental happiness, cooperation from relatives and benefits.

7 Rekhas : The person will have cooperation from his relatives and he will accomplish his jobs successfully.

6 Rekhas : Benefit from higher officials success in administrative job is imminent.

5 Rekhas : The sphere of courage and reputation enhances further.

4 Rekhas : Moon with 4 Rekhas causes ill health.

3 Rekhas : Dispute with relatives is possible.

2 Rekhas : Moon having 2 Rekhas causes loss of wealth.

1 Line : All the labor of the person proves to be futile.

0 Line : The Moon without a line keeps the person surrounded by agonies.


8 Rekhas : Property dealing and trade in machinery prove to be profitable.

7 Rekhas : Cooperation from brothers and friends is possible.

6 Rekhas : The person with Mars having 6 Rekhas gets benefit from state, administration and administrative officials.

5 Rekhas : Enhancement in the sphere of world by happiness is expected.

4 Rekhas : Normal - no profit no loss.

3 Rekhas : Dispute in family

2 Rekhas : Mars with two Rekhas causes dispute with wife and the person remains worried about his children.

1 Line : The person suffers much from blood related diseases.

0 Line : Mars having no Rekhas causes fire, stomach problems and accident.


8 Rekhas : Mercury with 8 Rekhas earns the person honor from state and name and fame as well.

7 Rekhas : The person may have a gain of wealth and his financial position improves further.

6 Rekhas : The person having Mercury with 6 Rekhas succeeds in what all he undertakes.

5 Rekhas : Gain from relatives is possible.

4 Rekhas : Mercury with 4 Rekhas makes the person more and more enthusiast.

3 Rekhas : With 3 Rekhas, Mercury causes misuse of money.

2 Rekhas : The person having Mercury with 2 Rekhas suffers from different diseases.

1 line : The person may suffer from skin disease.

0 line : Mercury without a line causes sudden loss of wealth and loss of honor.


8 Rekhas : The person earns honor, name and fame, if he has Jupiter with 8 Rekhas. Gain of wealth is also possible.

7 Rekhas : Jupiter with 7 Rekhas renders happiness and the person earns income from different sources.

6 Rekhas : The person may have a new vehicle.

5 Rekhas : Win, over enemies and in court cases is possible.

4 Rekhas : Normal - neither good nor bad.

3 Rekhas : Jupiter with 3 Rekhas causes mental agony or depression.

2 Rekhas : Dishonor from state or demotion from post or transfer is possible.

1 line : Jupiter with one line causes loss or misuse of wealth.

0 line : Jupiter having to line makes the person face troubles.


8 Rekhas : Successful love affairs or conjugal life is possible. The native enjoys all round worldly happiness.

7 Rekhas : Venus with 7 Rekhas tells of bliss of clothes, ornaments or the things related to worldly happiness.

6 Rekhas : Venus in this condition makes the person happy and enthusiast.

5 Rekhas : Cooperation from friends, relatives or colleagues is imminent.

4 Rekhas : Mixed results- neither favorable nor unfavorable.

3 Rekhas : Venus with 3 Rekhas causes dispute with the relatives of the native.

2 Rekhas : Loss in service is possible. The native may suffer from different diseases.

1 line : The native may get hurt from water.

0 line : The native proves unsuccessful in whatever he undertakes.


8 Rekhas : The native having Saturn with 8 Rekhas succeeds in administrative and major jobs entrusted to him.

7 Rekhas : Gain from servants, colleagues or subordinates.

6 Rekhas : The sphere of name and fame of the native enhances further

5 Rekhas : Saturn in this condition augurs bliss of wealth and prosperity.

4 Rekhas : Mixed results-neither good nor bad.

3 Rekhas : Loss or misuse of wealth is possible.

2 Rekhas : In this condition of Saturn, the native may suffer from different diseases. He may have to go to jail or might indulge in litigation.

1 line : The native may face stigma and charges may be framed against him.

0 line : Any disease or physical weakness the native is suffering from will deteriorate further.

Significant effects of the planets

The question is when do the planets shower their benefic or malefic effects on native. A sign has 30 degrees (Amshas). It means that a planet enters the next sign after it passes 30 degrees (Amshans) in the sing it is situated in. A description on which planet showers what effects on what degree is given here under.

Sun : While moving in between 1 to 10 degrees.

Moon : In between 20 to 30 degrees

Mars : In between 10 to 20 degrees.

Jupiter : In the middle of the sign i.e. in between 10 to 20 degrees.

Venus : Same as what Jupiter gives.

Saturn : Gives results same what the Moon does.

Rahu : Showers its effects same as Mercury does.

Earlier words like deterioration in disease, diseases etc. have been mentioned. Now the question arises as to which part of the body will the disease affect. To find out the answer of this question, it has to be kept in mind that in which constellation the planet concerned is transiting. The part of the body to be affected by a disease can be ascertained only by the constellation.

A description in this regard is given below mentioning there in the part or parts of the body to be affected by disease or diseases in different constellations according to the effects of the planets.

  1. Ashwini, the first constellation - Face.
  2. 2nd, 3rd 4th 5th constellation - Head
  3. 6th 7th 8th and 9th constellation Chest or heart
  4. 10th, 11th, 12th and 13th constellation - Right hand
  5. 14th, 15th, 16th, 17th 18th and 19th constellation — Both legs.
  6. 20th, 21st, 22nd and 23rd constellation - Left hand.
  7. 24th and 25th constellation - Both eyes.
  8. 26th and 27th constellation - Private part.
  1. 1St, and 2nd constellation - Face
  2. 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th constellation - Head.
  3. 7th and 8th constellation - Back.
  4. 9th and 10th constellation - Both eyes
  5. 11th, 12th, 13th, 14th and 15th constellation - Heart.
  6. 16th, 17th, and 18th constellation Left hand.
  7. 19th, 20th, 21st, 22nd, 23rd and 24th constellation - Both legs.
  8. 25th, 26th and 27th constellation - Right hand.
  1. 1st, and 2nd constellation - Face.
  2. 3rd. 4th, 5th, 6th ,7"'and 8th constellation - Both legs.
  3. 9th, 10th and 11th constellation - womb
  4. 12th, 13th, 14th and 15th constellation - Left hand.
  5. 16th and 17th constellation - Head.
  6. 22nd, 23rd, 24th and 25th constellation - Right hand.
  7. 26th and 27th constellation
Mercury, Jupiter, Venus
  1. 1st, 2nd and 3rd constellation - Head.
  2. 4th, 5th and 6th constellation - Face.
  3. 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th constellation - the womb
  4. 18th and 19"' constellation - Private part.
  5. 20th to 27th - Both legs.
Saturn, Rahu, Ketu
  1. 1st constellation - Face.
  2. 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th constellation - Right hand.
  3. 6th, 7th and 8th constellation - Right lag.
  4. 9th, 10th and 11th constellation - Left leg.
  5. 12th, 13th, 14th and 15th constellation - Left hand.
  6. 16th, 17th, 18th 19th and 20th constellation - the womb
  7. 21st, 22nd and 23rd constellation - Head
  8. 26th and 27th constellation - Back.

Calculation of all the planets mentioned above should be made by Moon sign.

Special Results of Transit
  1. The Sun with 5, 6 or 8 Rekhas tells of marriage, travel, auspicious exercises and enhancement in the sphere of wealth, if it transits over the Moon sign.
  2. The Sun having 2, 3 or 4 Rekhas causes delay, hurdles or disturbance in whatever the native undertakes, if it transits over the Moon sign.
  3. If the Sun having no line transits over the Moon sign, it causes hurdles and some deadly afflictions to the native.
  1. While in own sign, the Moon having 6, 7, or 8 Rekhas tells of happy conjugal life of the native. He attains good education and succeeds in interviews he faces.
  2. If the Moon having 1, 2, 3 or 4 Rekhas transits in its own sign, it causes delay in accomplishing what all the native undertakes. It also causes hurdles in his way.
  3. Moon with more Rekhas tells of a happy conjugal life.
  1. The native may buy a plot or plots of land, if Mars having 5 or more Rekhas transits in Moon sign i.e. the Birth sign. He may reap a good harvest and may earn profit in property dealing.
  2. Mars having no line (Shunya line) or 1 or 2 Rekhas causes deterioration in blood related disease, if it transits in Birth sign i.e. Moon sign.
  1. The native gets higher education and succeeds in interviews he faces, if Mercury transits in its Birth sign i.e. the Moon sign. It also tells off enhancement in the sphere of his trade or business and some significant gain as well.
  2. Mercury having no line (Shunyaline) causes sudden loss in business while in transit in Sun sign, Moon sign or in its own sign.
  1. The native will have mental contentment, knowledge of Vedas and bliss of children, if Jupiter having 6, 7 or 8 Rekhas transits in Moon sign or in its own sign. He will be performing spiritual exercises.
  2. The native will have gain of gold, silver, gems, jewels etc. and his finacial position will improve if Jupiter has 4 or 5 Rekhas.
  3. Aspersion is caused, if Jupiter has no line (Shunya line)
  1. Venus having Rekhas in between 4 to 8 tells of successful love affairs, mental peace, enhancement in the sphere of happiness and happy conjugal life, if it transits in Moon sign or in the sign of Venus.
  2. Venus causes infamy if it transits having no line (Shunya line) or 1 or 2 Rekhas.
  1. Saturn with 6, 7 or 8 Rekhas gives wealth, and profit in the trade of iron and cultivation, if it transits in its Birth sign i.e. in Moon sign.
  2. Saturn causes financial loss, if it has no line (Shunya line) or 1 or 2 Rekhas.
Rahu Ashtaka Varga

The method, by which the situation of the Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Lagna is analyzed, is called Ashtaka Varga. In it, Rahu is not considered. Rahu has also not been considered in Ashtaka Varga mentioned elaborately in the scriptures of Astrology, since it is basically a shadowy planet.

However, Rahu has been mentioned in Shubha Hora Prakash. In Ashtaka Varga, consideration of Rahu is neither justifiable nor does it suit to the rules of Predictive Astrology. Analysis of Rahu Ashtaka Varga is mentioned here under only for those versed in Astrology.

Here, it has to be pointed out that no Ashtaka Varga or chart of Rahu is cast. The Rekha Sthanas of Rahu can be considered to find out the effects of Rahu as mentioned below.

Rekha Sthanas of Rahu

From the Sun - 1, 2, 3, 4, 7, 8, 10 From Moon - 1, 3, 5, 7, 8, 9, 10 From Mars - 2, 3, 5, 12 From Mercury - 2, 4, 7, 8, 12 From Jupiter - 1, 3, 4, 6, 8 From Venus - 6, 7, 11, 12 From Saturn - 3, 5, 7, 10, 11,12 From Lagna - 3, 4, 5, 9, 12 Subtotal - 44

Rekha Sthanas of Rahu Ashtaka Varga (43)

Trikona Shodhan or Ekadhipatya Shodhan of Rahu is not possible. In example horoscope, Rekhas will be as follows in Rahu Ashtaka Varga.

Rahu Ashtaka Varga
Transit of Rahu (in Moon sign)
  1. During the transit of Rahu, the native suffers from different diseases. He has to face trouble and distress.
  2. Misuse or loss of money and trouble in the family are possible.
  3. Rahu in this condition tells of good health, mental peace and happiness of the native.
  4. Accident, diseases and various types agonies are possible.
  5. The native will remain worried about his children and will suffer financial loss.
  6. Mental peace and win over enemies are possible.
  7. Physical loss is possible. Either of the couple has to face affliction. Hurdles in earnings are also caused.
  8. Accident by a vehicle is possible. While in journey, the native may have to face trouble or he may suffer some injuries.
  9. Mental depression worsens and the native goes astray from the path of his religion.
  10. Circle of enemies of the native widens. He has to face disputes without any reason.
  11. Sphere of mental and material happiness enhances further.
  12. Undue expenses and heavy expenditure on travel are forecast. Prediction should be made after analyzing the effects of Rahu the way mentioned above.
Example Chart of Rahu Ashtaka Varga
Chart of Rahu Ashtakvarga

In our illustrative horoscope ascendant sign is Taurus, & Moon is also occupying the ascendant only, therefore, while making transit predictions, sign Taurus shall be considered ascendant, Gemini sign will be house of wealth, Cancer would be house of strength & so on & this shall receive approval while considering the fundamentals of transit. Planets yield auspicious results in below mentioned places, houses from ascendant or moon sign.

Sun - 3, 6, 10, 11

Moon - 1, 3, 6, 7, 10, 11

Mars – 3, 6, 11

Mercury – 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 11

Jupiter – 2, 5, 7, 9, 11

Venus – 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 8, 9, 11, 12

Saturn – 3, 6, 11

Rahu – 3, 6, 10, 11

Ketu – 3, 6, 10, 11

In illustrative horoscope Moon is in Taurus, therefore, Moon sign is Taurus, therefore when Sun would transit into 3rd from Taurus that is cancer it shall produce auspicious results. But, Sun would fail to produce its auspicious results if some planet takes position in 7th home from Sun, because, Sun would affect that planet directly & that planet shall also have an impact on Sun & eventually Sun shall loose its auspiciousness.

The main basis of transit predictions is Moon sign only. When we shall be discussing the impact of Sun in first house in transit it would mean that your moon sign in first house, therefore, when Sun would be occupying Moon sign we shall say that its transit of Sun in first home & the same is applicable to all the planets.

In our next illustrative we shall be explaining transit predictions on the basis of Ashtakvarga system.

Ashtakvarga Chart
DOB : 11 July 1964
TOB : 21.30 Hrs
POB : Delhi

For this illustrative horoscope we shall have to draw a VARIOUS ASHTAKVARGA CHART of Sun to see the transit impact of Sun, which is depicted below:

Ashtakvarga Chart

Transit of Sun into that house where it is giving 4 lines or above 4 the results produced shall be auspicious. Whenever Sun would transit into a house where it is giving less than 4 lines, the results produced by Sun are inauspicious. For instance in illustrative horoscope Sun is giving 5 lines in Aries & this sign falls in first house of illustrative horoscope. As auspicious lines are more than 4 therefore Sun would yield auspicious results of first house. Transit of Sun into Aries would enhance monetary & property development gains because Aries falls in 3rd house of illustrative horoscope & 3rd house stands for strength. Therefore little efforts shall bring more gains & that is why there can be substantial increase in monetary gains & property making.

Sign Taurus is the fourth house of illustrative horoscope which is house of mother & general happiness. Therefore 5 lines in this house shall bring improvement in the health of mother & the native shall enjoy harmonious relations with her. Native shall enjoy mental satisfaction after going through mental agonies.

Gemini sign is in the 5th house of illustrative horoscope. There are 3 auspicious lines in this house. Therefore when Sun shall transit into 5th house there would be a possibility of trouble to children. As 5th house is the house of children therefore the presence of 3 lines only in this house shall bring favorable results often lot of troubles & difficulties.

Sign cancer is in the 6th house of illustrative horoscope & Sun is giving only 2 lines to this house therefore, transit of Sun in 6th house shall cause discerns, secret enmity, debt & legal cases etc. When Sun gives only 2 lives in a sign then because of the transit of Sun through that house the native gets losses because of his own stupid actions only & it is also possible that native might become the victim of legal cases or debt.

Sign Leo is in the 7th house of illustrative horoscope. Sun is giving again 3 lines only in this house, therefore, transit of Sun through this house shall bring troubles in married life & business plans, because presence of only 3 lines in a house indicates troublesome condition. Therefore in this condition bitterness emerges in relationship with spouse.

Sign Virgo is in 8th house of illustrative horoscope where Sun is giving 5 lines therefore, transit of Sun in 8th house shall cause an increase in the results of this house. In this condition the native might face obstacles in accomplishing the tasks undertaken, there can be more accidents & he is likely to face health related problems too.

Sign Libra is in 9th house where Sun is giving only 2 lines. Therefore when Sun would transit into 9th house it would cause disinterestedness in religious deeds and obstacles in development of destiny. In this situation the native would not get results inspite of putting lot of efforts.

Sign Scorpio is occupying 10th house of illustrative horoscope. Therefore transit of Sun in 10th house shall cause an increase in the auspicious results of this house because 5 lines are considered auspicious. As a result of it there shall be an improvement in relations of the native with seniors. Native shall receive recognition & his work would go on properly. If he is a business person he shall receive gains in his business.

Sagittarius sign is occupying 11th house & there are 7 auspicious lines in this house. Therefore, transit of Sun in the 11th house shall enhance the beneficial results of house of income. In this condition native shall acquire financial gain, mental happiness, and name & fame.

Sign Capricorn is in the 12th house of illustrative horoscope. There are 3 auspicious lines in it As a result transit of Sun in 12th house shall decrease the results of this house, therefore expenses shall decrease, bed pleasure shall also decrease & there shall be useless journeys as well. Sign Aquarius is in the first house of native therefore transit of Sun in this house shall produce average results in health & mental state as it is having 4 lines only.

Sign Pisces occupies 2nd house of this horoscope which has 4 lines again, therefore, transit of Sun in this house shall be producing average results in monetary gains.

The same formula of prediction of transit of planets is applicable to all other planets too.

Transit of a planet would yield auspicious or inauspicious results for a house shall be determined on the basis of number of lines it is giving to that house in Ashtakvarga. If a planet is giving more than 4 lines results are favorable, 4 lines shall produce average results & less than 4 can cause inauspicious results only.

So, Ashtakvarga system is highly beneficial for determining the quality & quantity wise prediction of transit of planets. On the basis of birth chart we can do the analysis of it that which aspect of our life would be affected by the transit of a particular planet in a particular house.

Some specific time because of the influence of a specific planet would be of what type to the native can be decided by the analysis of Sarvashtakvarga. For analyzing this we shall see that a specific planet is occupying which sign in specific time. In Sarvashtakvarga how many lines that specific planet is giving in that specific sign. The time during which total lines shall be more can be considered more auspicious time.

If total lines are less it shall be considered an inauspicious time. In this the planet acquiring maximum lines shall produce the results, of the house where it is positioned in the birth chart.

For example the position of planets on 9th August 2005 is as follows:

Lines given by planets in the signs that they are occupying in Transit horoscope are

kundli Chart
Transit Date : 9 August 2005
Transit Time : 16.30 Hrs
Transit Place : Delhi
Sarvashtakvarga for the Transit Horoscope is mentioned below -
Sarvashtak Table
Planet Aries Taurus Gemini Cancer Leo Virgo Libra Scorpio Sag. Cap. Acq. Pisces Total
Saturn 6 3 3  4  1 4 2 1 5 1 4 5 39
Jupiter 4 5 6 5 5  2  4 5 4 5 5 6 56
Mars  3  4 1 1 3 4 3 5 6 1 4 4 39
Sun 5 5 3  2  3 5 2 5 7 3 4 4 48
Venus 4 6 4 3  4  5 4 4 5 4 4 5 52
Mercury 3 7 3  3  4 5 3 6 6 2 6 6 54
Moon 6 3 2 7 2  4  3 5 4 5 4 4 49
Ascendant 6 7 2 6 4 4 3 3  6  2 4 2 49

Encircled in the above mentioned Sarvashtakvarga table. On this basis the sum total of encircled lines shall be as follows:

4 + 2 + 3 + 2 + 4 + 3 + 4 +6 = 28 Lines.

This number of lines is below average because for each planet maximum number of lines is 8 therefore maximum number of auspicious lines can be 8 X 8 = 64 & therefore to have auspicious lines less than 32 is below average. So, we can predict that this would be an ordinary time for this native.

In this we can say that ascendant is receiving the maximum number of auspicious lines therefore ascendant related auspicious results shall be obtained like physical fitness and boosting of morale in the same ways predictions can be made for other homes also by determining the number of auspicious lines.

If we shall have to classify the planets on the basis of their speed, we can put them in 3 classes.

  • First Class - Jupiter, Saturn
  • Second Class - Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars
  • Third Class - Moon & Ascendant

If we shall have to predict about a specific year we shall be considering the lines of Jupiter & Saturn in Ashtakvarga & for knowing about a specific month the lines of Sun, Mercury, Venus & Mars shall be studied. For knowing about a specific day the lines of Moon in Ashtakvarga shall be given importance.

For knowing about the time period of two hours the lines of ascendant in Ashtakvarga shall be studied.

For example in illustrative horoscope the sum total of lines of Jupiter & Saturn in 4+ 2 = 6. These lines are below average therefore the year 2005 shall turn out to be a very ordinary year for the native. But if we do the analysis for the previous year i.e., 2004 our findings tell that sum total of auspicious lines of Jupiter & Saturn is 5 + 4 = 9 therefore, the year 2005 shall be less auspicious as compared to the auspiciousness of the year 2004. The same comparative approach shall help us to predict about other years in a more effective manner.

For knowing about a specific month we shall do the analysis of sum total of auspicious lines of the second class planets, Sun, Mercury, Venus & Mars Which turn out to be 2 + 3 + 4 +3 =12 for the month of August and for the month of September it is 3 + 4 + 5 + 4 = 16. This analysis helps us to conclude that month of September shall be better as compared to August & the same comparative approach would be applicable to decide the auspiciousness or inauspiciousness of the other months.

For marking the transit tradition for a specific day we shall be studying the lines of 3rd class planet Moon, For illustrative horoscope moon gives 4 auspicious lines on 9th August 2005, therefore, it shall be an average day for the native. After two days when Moon would transit into sign Scorpio it shall give 3 lines only therefore transit of Moon into Scorpio shall produce results below average because here lines given by Moon are below average number of 4. Moon stays in a sign for around 21/2 days therefore transit prediction would remain same for next two days. If a person is habitual of writing diary he shall be surprised to notice that he went through the same type of experiences in previous months when Moon was making a transit through the same signs in previous months.

If we shall have to know about a specific time we shall see the Ashtakvarga of ascendant. In this Ashtakvarga of transit for the above mentioned horoscope ascendant is giving 6 lines on the sign Sagittarius, the duration of which is 2 hours therefore when the period of Sagittarius ascendant shall be in continuation that time can be considered the most auspicious time for the day & it shall be more auspicious than average.

Now as the speed of Moon & Sun is highest of Jupiter Y Saturn is slowest therefore transit predictions shall be more dependent on the lines of Jupiter & Saturn because lines of Jupiter & Saturn shall change after a long time. If these lines shall be more in number, auspicious time for the native shall continue for a longer duration if the number of these lines shall be less, the duration of inauspicious time gets increased.

It is generally noticed that for all the planets maximum number of lines are 84 average in 4 but to accept it completely wouldn't be correct because it is not applicable to all the planets. Because for determining the maximum & average number of lines total auspicious lines shall be divided into 12 signs. Therefore total auspicious lines divided by 12 shall give us the average number of auspicious lines.

In the below mentioned table we are giving average number, minimum average number of auspicious lines that a sign should have to yield at least average auspicious results. For satiating your curiosity we are mentioning the total maximum auspicious lines of each planet-

Planet Maximum Marks Average Marks Normal Marks
Sun 48 48/12 = 4 4
Moon 49 49/12 = 4.08 4.08 ( or 4)
Mars 39 39/12 = 3.25 3.25 ( or 3)
Mercury 54 54/12 = 4.5 4.5
Jupiter 56 56/12 = 4.66 4.66 ( or 4.5)
Venus 52 52/12 = 4.33 4.33 ( or 4)
Saturn 49 49/12 = 3.25 3.25 ( or 3)
Ascendant 49 49/12 = 4.08 4.08 ( or 4)