Transit of Planets in Relation to Moon Sign

Transit of planets into ascendant and 10th house is important. Similarly the transit of planets over houses where Sun and Moon are posited gives results like the significations of those houses. After ascendant and 10th house, 4 and 7 houses are important. Transit of Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars is not significant over other houses.

Instead of horoscope's houses that are vacant, transit on houses having planets gives more significant results.

Mercury, Venus and Sun visit all houses quite rapidly, therefore results of their transit are generally not felt. Transit of Mercury and Venus gives some results.

Transit of Mercury on 1st or 10th house over the horoscopes of clerks, artisans, writers and lecturers is good for writing and ideas. Enthusiastic articles are written. Teachers teach well. Results of transit on 4th or 7th house are slightly less powerful.

The transit of Venus on 10th house or ascendant gives bliss of spouse, luxuries and comforts. Travel, meetings with authorities and friends are likely. At the time of sighting of Moon (on Shukla Pratipada and Dwitiya), benefic results of the house where Moon is transiting are obtained. At this time if Moon is transiting on natal ascendant, good health, bliss of home, success in business, profit in money transactions etc. are experienced throughout the month.

The transit of Sun over the house with a posited malefic planet gives unfavorable results for 7-8 days. The Sun's transit on each sign is on same dates each year. Therefore people may not believe the idea of certain bad dates every year. However experience tells that few months are unfortunate every year. This is the period of transit of Sun over malefic planets of horoscope. This adverse effect is not felt when good period is passing in annual horoscope.

Transit of Sun over 7th house from natal Sun gives little minor disease like cough, cold, weakness etc. This is particularly true if ascendant is weak.

Varahmihir has told the results of transit in chapter 104 of Vrihat Samhita as follows:

Sun on 3, 6, 10 house from natal moonsign, Mars on 3, 6, Mercury on 2, 4, 6, 8, Jupiter on 2, 5, 7, 9, Venus on 6, 7, 10 and Saturn on 3, 6 gives danger like lion.

Sun : Transit of Sun over natal moonsign gives sorrows, loss of money, stomach disorders and travel. On 2nd house loss of money, sorrows, danger, a disease of eyes are likely. In 3rd house property is gained, money is accumulated, auspicious functions, joys and destruction of enemies are likely. Transit on 4th house gives disease and problems related to property. The 5th house transit gives disease and trouble from enemies. The 6th house transit causes good health, relief from grief and defeat of enemies. Transit on 7th gives stay away from home and stomach disorders. On 8th disease, cough, conflict with spouse are likely. In 9th hurdles in gain of money, illness, poverty and danger are possible. Transit on 10th gives success in all efforts, on 11th all jobs are performed easily. Transit on 12th house create's mess in all jobs.

Transit of Sun on natal Moon gives fatigue in travel, loss of money, irritation, disease, painful stay away from home against native's will. In 2nd house loss of money and reduction in comforts, 3rd house gain of high position, money comforts, good health and defeat of enemies are likely. In 4th house disease and hurdles in bliss of spouse, in 5th house anguish, hurdles in easy jobs make it difficult, in 6th house health is good, enemies are defeated, worries are over.

Transit on 7th house gives disease of stomach or sexual organs, humiliation, painful stay away from home. In 8th house fear in mind, disease, conflicts with people, trouble from government, health problem due to hot climate are experienced. Transit on 9th house gives danger, humiliation, parting from spouse or children and despair in all matters. When Sun comes on 10th house big project are undertaken, success is achieved, high position and honour are conferred. The results of 11th house are similar to 10th. In 12th house painful events, loss of money, conflict with friends and fever are indicated.

Moon : The transit of Moon over natal Moon gives good food and clothes, on 2nd house loss of honour, paucity of funds, birth of hurdles are likely. On 3rd house good clothes, bliss of spouse and money are obtained. In 4th , people lose trust in the native, in 5th poverty, disease, grief, trouble in journey are indicated. Transit on 6th house gives money and comforts, on 7th grains, money, vehicle and comfortable sleep are obtained. Moon's transit on 8th gives danger from snakes etc, in 9th despair, jail, hard work, ache in stomach cause trouble. In 10th house, success is achieved in all efforts, in 11th closed relatives cause joys, in 12th expenses are more than income, there may be danger of an accident.

Transit of Moon over natal Moon gives good fortune, in 2nd house loss of money, in 3rd house success in every endeavor, in 4th danger, in 5th sorrows, in 6th good health, in 7th comforts, in 8th adverse incidents, in 9th disease in 10th success in desired matters, in 11th joys and in 12th house expenditure are indicated.

Mars : The transit of Mars over Moonsign gives turmoils, on 2nd house decline in physical or mental health, trouble from enemies and government, bile problem inspite of being robust, danger of fire or theft are indicated. Transit on 3rd house gives increase in appetite, esteem rises, administers many people, there is gain of money, woolen clothes and metals from mines etc. Mars in 4th house gives fever, stomach ache, blood related diseases, loss due to tyranny or company of evil people.

Transit of Mars on 5th house gives enmity with people, disease, problems due to children and fickle mind.

Transit of Mars on 6th house eliminates danger of enemies, there are no quarrels, money is received, native does not need to depend on others' support. During transit of Mars on 7th house health of spouse is not good, native may himself suffer from disease of eyes or stomach. Transit of Mars on 8th house gives pimples and boils, expenses are more. Mars on 9th house gives humiliation, loss of money, poor health, lethargy et. Transit of Mars on 10th house gives gain of money in every respect. Mars on 11th house gives victory and gain of authority, on 12th house excessive expenditure, grief due to difficulties, pride due to superiority, excessive anger of spouse, bile problem, a disease of eyes etc.

The transit of Mars on moonsign gives repentances, parting away from family members, diseases due to impure blood, bile disease and illness due to excessive heat. On 2nd house, danger is generated, native speaks harshly there is loss of money.

Transit of Mars on 3rd house gives success in all efforts, there is gain of gold or ornaments. Transit of Mars on 4th house causes ups and downs and stomach problems. In 5th house fever, unfortunate wishes worries due to children, quarrels with family members are possible. In 6th house enemies are defeated, diseases are cured, money is gained and success is achieved. In 7th house there is quarrel with spouse due to a misunderstanding there is illness of stomach or eyes. In 8th house fever, loss of money and difficulties are encountered. In 9th house humiliation, loss of money and weakness are likely. In 10th house conduct of the native falls, full efforts are not put for any work, in 11th house money is gained, there is addition in property. In 12th house transit of Mars gives loss of money and poor health due to increase in heat.

Mercury : When Mercury transits on the natal Moon, there is trouble due to tendency of people to speak against you, in government matters property is destroyed, native may go to jail, people try to keep distance. In 2nd house money is gained but esteem does not rise. In 3rd house new friendships are developed but friends maintain some distance due to fear of king and enemies, the native tries to remain aloof due to fall in character. In 4th house money is gained, there is increase in number of relatives and family members. In 5th house, there is quarrel with spouse or children, bliss of spouse is not available. In 6th house, good luck, victory and progress are achieved. Transit of Mercury in 7th house gives trouble and failure. In 8th, birth of a son, victory, gain of money and clothes are indicated, mind becomes sharp. Transit of Mercury on 9th house gives hurdles, in 10th house defeat of enemies, gain of money, beautiful house and bliss of spouse are indicated. Mercury's transit on 11th house gives money, comforts, spouse, children, friends and vehicles etc, native remains satisfied and enthusiastic, encouragement from people is available. Transit of Mercury on 12th house gives defeat by enemies, disease, hurdles in bliss of spouse etc.

Transit of mercury on Moonsign causes loss of money, in 2nd hose gain of money, in 3rd enemies cause problems, in 4th house gain of money again and again, in 5th quarrel with spouse and sons, in 6th success in every work, in 7th misunderstanding, in 8th birth of a son, gain of money, in 9th hurdles, in 10th bliss in all matters, in 11th good fortune and in 12th there is fear of humiliation.

Jupiter : The transit of Jupiter on Moon sign of natal horoscope gives loss of money, termination of job, difficulties, weak mind etc. Its transit on 2nd house gives destruction of enemies, money and bliss of spouse. On 3rd house instabilities of mind, hurdles in work, in 4th problems caused by brothers and relatives create the desire to leave the home, mind remains disturbed. During Jupiter's transit on 5th house there is birth of a son, relatives remain pleased there is gain of a house, clothes and cattles, bliss of spouse is good.

In 6th house spouse's behavior causes quarrel and dissatisfaction. In 7th house Jupiter's transit gives bliss of spouse, gain of money, good food and a vehicle, imagination for poetry etc is sharp. On 8th house imprisonment, disease, grief, trouble in journey, painful condition like death are indicated. On 9th house transit of Jupiter gives good efficiency, children, influence on people, gain of money and bliss of spouse etc. On 10th house, place is destroyed, loss of money and bad results are likely. On 11th house, Jupiter's transit gives all auspicious results, in 12th house there are hurdles in journey.

Jupiter's transit on Moonsign of birth horoscope causes departure from birth place, expenses are more, there is a tendency to cause agony to others. In 2nd house money is received in abundance, there is bliss of family, whatever is said is materialized. In 3rd house situation deteriorates, there is separation from friends, there are hurdles in business, diseases cause trouble. In 4th house there is grief due to death of a family member, humiliation, attack by animals. On 5th house Jupiter gives birth of a son, contacts with important people and good relations with rulers. In 6th house there is trouble caused by relatives and enemies, pain due to disease.

In 7th house there is journey for fortunate jobs, there is bliss of spouse and children. In 8th house there is deterioration in health, problems in journey, loss of money and bad luck. In 9th house the luck shines. Jupiter's transit on 10th house causes danger to property and authority, there is worry about children. In 11th house there is birth of a child, gain of authority, honor and gain of money through various means. In 12th house there is danger to property and increase in problems.

The transit of Jupiter gives good result in some manner. Its result is according to strength of the horoscope. Jupiter's transit on 9th and 10th house gives a chance for progress. At this time many religious deeds and noble acts are performed. The hidden feelings of mind come on surface.

Transit of Jupiter on ascendant gives improvement in health, mind remains pleased, positive ideas come in mind, prestige in society rises, mind becomes sharp.

The transit of Jupiter on 2nd house certainly gives financial progress. There is increase in monthly income and property, debts are paid. The transit of Jupiter on 3rd house gives progress of mind, journeys are pleasant, relations with brothers and relatives are strengthened. This period is good for writing work.

Transit of Jupiter on 4th house gives bliss of family, completion of important tasks at this time is favorable. Jupiter on 5th house gives increase in income. Money is used judiciously, deals of money are profitable. This period is good for bliss of luxuries and entertainment. When Jupiter is in 6th house in transit, health is good, trusted servants are available who cause satisfaction, business agents have good reputation. Relatives such as maternal or paternal uncle are beneficial, organization of function is pleasing.

Jupiter's transit on 7th house is good for marriage, affair, legal work and journey. Noble deeds and legal work are successful

Jupiter's transit on 8th house is favorable for religious intellectual and philosophical pursuits. Sudden gain of money or gain through legacies is possible if suitable combination is present in horoscope. The saints may have indications of future events. The death at this period is very peaceful.

Jupiter on 9th house gives progress of mind. Stay away from home is possible.

When Jupiter transits over 10th house esteem and authority are increased. The seniors remain pleased. Transit of Jupiter on 11th house gives bliss friends, mind remains calm and pleased, interest in religion increases, secret adventurous jobs are successful at this period but at this period there is loss of money. Jupiter on 12th house increases interest in religion.

The above description gives an impression that transit of Jupiter is good in all houses. However good results will be felt by only those people in whose horoscope Jupiter is strong and favorable. Jupiter is weak in the horoscopes of many people. If natal Jupiter is in 2, 4, 7, 9, 10, 11 houses in favourable signs, its benefic results are obtained. Jupiter in 7th house in natal horoscope is not highly beneficial. Jupiter is good in 1, 2, 5, 7, 9, 10 houses. Intelligent and learned people may find the results of Jupiter highly favourable but illiterate or less intelligent people may not find such results as good. The money goes to rich people easily. Similarly good results of planets are more evident in the lives of fortunate people.

Good results of transit of Jupiter over natal. Sun and Moon are generally felt by all people. During this period generally opportunities for improvement in financial position are experienced. Use of these opportunities give improvement in life. Jupiter remains in each house for one year. The months when Jupiter transits over degrees of Sun and Moon are worth watching. If Sun and Moon are having benefic aspect on Jupiter, results of transits of Jupiter are particularly good.

Venus : The transit of Venus on moonsign gives luxuries, beautification, good fool, bliss of spouse, comforts of bed etc. In 2nd house there is bliss of spouse, son, money, grains, honour from government, family etc., luck favours. In 3rd house gain of money, honour, son and clothes and destruction of enemies is indicated. In 4th house good friends are made, power increases. Transit of Venus on 5th house gives satisfaction, relatives meet, there is gain of a son and money, friends help but enemies remain strong. The transit of Venus on 6th house of natal horoscope gives disease, grief and defeat. In 7th house bad results are obtained about spouse. In 8th house Venus gives gain of a house and clothes, gains from a rich lady is possible. In 9th house Venus gives religious deeds, bliss of spouse, gain of money and clothes. In 10th house humiliation, quarrels, bitter talks of people are experienced. In 11th house various friends meet, money is received, native donates grains. Venus on 12th house gives gain of money and clothes. However if Venus is stationery, these results are not obtained.

Transit of Venus on natal Moonsign gives all comforts, in 2nd house gain of money, in 3rd house better luck, 4th house gain of friends and comforts, in 5th house gain of a child, in 6th house bad conduct, in 7th house trouble to spouse, in 8th gain of money, in 9th comforts, in 10th quarrel, in 11th safety and in 12th house Venus gives gain of money.

Saturn : Transit of Saturn on natal Moonsign gives trouble due to poison, fire, parting from relatives, imprisonment, it can also give death. Native has to go away from him, there is enmity with sons due to advice of friends, money is destroyed, native may wander or may have to beg. In 2nd house bliss and health suffer, the money received does not stay. In 3rd house the native gets money, comforts, servants, there is gain of a house, property, comforts and good health, native punishes enemies by the help of brave friends even if he is a coward. In 4th house Saturn gives parting away from friends, money and spouse. In 5th house money is lost, son may move away. In 6th house enemies and diseases are destroyed, bliss of spouse is good. In 7th house Saturn gives useless wandering. In 8th house there is parting away from spouse and sons, native becomes poor. In 9th house, native suffers from enmity, imprisonment and ailment of heart, no work remains organized. In 10th house, noble deeds are performed but there is loss of money, reputation and knowledge. In 11th house there is gain of spouse and wealth. Saturn's transit on 12th house gives grief due to various reasons.

Saturn's transit on natal Moonsign gives disease, native has to see the death of many people. In 2nd house there is loss of money and children. In 3rd house, there is progress in business and authority, servants are easily available, money is earned. In 4th house relatives and spouse suffer (death is possible), money is lost. In 5th house loss of money or children is likely, mind remains suspicious. In 6th house, Saturn gives bliss of all kind. In 7th house, spouse suffers, there is danger and stay away from home. In 8th house there is loss of children, property, friends and cattles, native falls ill. In 9th house poverty, hurdles in desired deeds, death of elders are indicated. In 10th house bad deeds are performed, native suffers due to disease and insult. In 11th house bliss, property and honor are indicated. Saturn's transit on 12th house gives trouble due to useless enterprise, loss of money due to enemies, problems due to disease of spouse or children.

Saturn's transit on ascendant gives disappointments and depression. If the horoscope is good and Saturn is favorable, the native worries about accepting new jobs and its fulfillment. At this time calm nature, skills and foresight are desired.

The transit of Saturn on 2nd house of natal horoscope gives reduction in income. If horoscope has combinations for financial problems, there is grave financial crisis at this time. The native has to take loan, there is loss in deals of money. He should be careful in spending money.

The Saturn's transit on 3rd house gives disappointments and hurdles. There is quarrel with brothers or sisters. If natal Saturn is favourable, serious ideas come in mind, there is interest in classical subjects, native serves literature and studies difficult subjects. Transit of Saturn on 4th house gives worries at home, there may be a death in family, there are undesired and unwarranted changes. If Saturn is strong in natal horoscope, native requires rest. If he is old, he should try to wind up his business and try to improve his next life.

If natal Saturn or Mars is posited in 4th house, Saturn's transit on it gives much trouble. The life of mother is in danger. There is quarrel about property. Saturn's transit on natal Sun gives failure in business. Saturn's transit on natal Venus is lucky.

Saturn's transit on 5th house affects native’s children. There may be birth of a child. If the sign here is Aries, Cancer, Leo or Scorpio, there will be loss in business. Traders should not gamble at this time. The signs Libra, Capricorn and Aquarius are favorable for Saturn.

During Saturn's transit on 6th house, health is not good, servants cause trouble. If 6th house is weak in natal horoscope, native suffers due to poisonous insects or fever. At this time a change of place for better health is desired. The transit of Saturn on 7th house is bad for bliss of spouse. If Mars, Sun or Rahu are posited in natal horoscope in this house, the health of spouse suffers. If there is combination for 2 spouses in natal horoscope, at this time first spouse may die. If sign Aries, Cancer, Leo or Scorpio is present in 7th house, transit of Saturn is unfortunate, there is loss in legal matters.

Transit of Saturn on 8th house gives loss in partnership, health suffers. When Saturn transits over 9th house, faith in religion increases, ambitions rise, there is visit to holy places. If Saturn here is posited in enemy sign, reputation suffers, there is difficulty in legal matters and quarrel with friends.

If Saturn transits on 10th house on enemy sign or enemy planet, there is a big set back to business, reputation suffers, esteem falls. The employed persons have to face the wrath of superiors. If Mars or Saturn is retrograde in 10th house in horoscope, bad results are likely. If in this house the sign is Taurus, Gemini, Libra, Capricorn or Aquarius, prestige rises, business flourishes.

Transit of Saturn on 11th house gives fulfillment of wishes. This period is favorable for study of classics and research. If Mars is situated in this house in natal horoscope, friends and relatives cause loss due to deception. If sign in this house is friendly or own, transit of Saturn is fortunate.

Saturn's transit on 12th house of natal horoscope is always unlucky, there may be unfortunate events. If natal Mars or Saturn is posited in this house, there may be imprisonment due to government action, expenses are more, native has to take loans.

Rahu : Rahu's transit on natal moonsign affects health, in 2nd house there is loss of money, in 3rd house bliss, in 4th difficulties, in 5th loss of money, in 6th bliss, in 7th house loss, in 8th death or equivalent trouble ,in 9th loss, in 10th gains, in 11th highly fortunate period and in 12th expenditure is high.

Period of Specific Results Sun and Mars give their special results in 1st Drekkan i.e. 0° to 10°. Jupiter and Venus give their results in 2nd Drekkan i.e. 10° to 20° while Moon and Saturn are effective in 3rd Drekkan i.e. 20° to 30°. Mercury and Rahu give there results in all degrees of the sign.