Contemplation of god as per the Indian tradition and values.

Devotion or bhakii is another means of worshipping the God .In order to get rid of negative karmas, everyone should worship God in any form. By astrological wisdom, Ishla dev of any native can be known. Worship of Ishtadev bstows all sorts of protection and alleviate the sufferings of natives.

Lord Krishna has said in Gita that four kinds of people take shelter of God :
  1. Those who are distressed and afflicted. To get rid of afflictions.
  2. Those who have curiosity to know the God.
  3. Those who need wealth for mundane affairs.
  4. Those who possess the knowledge of Ultimate Truth.

Worship of God to get desires fulfilled is called devotion with an ulterior motive (Sakam Bhakti). Devotion in real terms is called Nishkama Bhakti and there is no place of any gain in it. One, who is wise and spends his time in worship and spiritual exercises, is the most superior, because I am the most favourite of him and he is the most favourite of mine. People having financial desires take shelter of deities and adopt the particular methods and manners of worship according to their nature. They get their desires fulfilled by worshipping particular deities. But the reality is that all these desires are fulfilled by me. Those who worship deities go to Devalok, but those devoted to me come to my Paramdham".

One, who has never been moved by hearing the Katha of the lord, should be considered to be as hard as stone. Sins of the people, committed whether in this life or in the previous ones, are warded off by hearing the Leelas of the lord. There is no way better than adopting what the lord says in his Leelas to get rid of the sins and hurdles in one's life. One can know the importance of Vibhooti, i.e. magnificence of Roopa, name and merits of the lord only if he surrenders to Him with devotion.

The man can attain Moksha i.e. Param Dham of lord Krishna only by worshipping Him lifelong, particularly at the time of his death. Rites performed with Satoguna, according to the scriptures, purify the heart of a man and paves the way for him to heaven.

People who perform rites with Rajoguna cannot have this opportunity. Ignorant (Tamoguni) people fall to lower Yonis. Only the Satoguni people can contemplate lord Krishna and can go to His Nitya Dhama. I would like to mention here the 8th, 9th, 10th and 11th Shlokas of the Gita which conveys the gist and essence of Gita.

Aham Sarvasya Prabhavo Mattah Sarvam Pravartate.
Iti Matva Bhajante Mam. Budha Bhava samanvitah. ..8..

I am the master of both spiritual as well as financial worlds. Everything is produced by me. Those, who know all this well, keep on paying affection-based devotion to me and keep on worshiping me with full devotion.

Machchita Madgataprana Bodhayantah Parsparam.
Kathayantashcha Mam Nityam Tushyanti Cha Ramanti Cha. ..9..

The thinking of true devotees of mine center around me, they devote their lives in serving me. They feel contentment and happiness by talking about me and giving knowledge to each other.

Tesham Satatayuktanam Bhajatam Priti Purvakam.
Dadami Buddhiyogam Tam Yen Mamupayanti Te, ..10..

I give knowledge to those who keep serving me uninterruptedly, by which they can contact me.

Tesha Mevanukampartha Mahamagyanajam Tamah.
Nashayamyatmabhavastho Gyan Deepen Bhaswata, ..11..

To shower benediction on them, I dwell in their hearts and thus remove the darkness of ignorance in them by kindling the light of knowledge.

We should contemplate the lord keeping His words mentioned above in mind so that we can gain spiritual attainment. For spiritual development, we shall have to be Satoguni and for that we should follow the rules mentioned in the scriptures. We should avoid consuming any intoxicants such as cigarette, wine, Bhang, Ganja etc. We should take vegetarian meal. We must not establish physical relations with women other than wife or men other than husband. We should stay away from gambling, speculation etc. Money earned this way will be spent in evil acts. Instead of getting involved in such things, one should spend some of his times in contemplating the lord. For this, some parts of Gita should be read daily. It is also wise to have talks on spirituality and God with others. Worship of Shree Vigraha should be performed. Fruits, flowers and sacred water should be offered to the lord with devotion.

One should perform Jap of the following Mahamantra for his own betterment:
Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare
Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Haare Hare.

Following these methods and manners, one will feel that he is achieving his spiritual goal and the agonies and afflictions caused to him by the planets are washed away. There is no other way better than praying the lord devoting oneself to Him to get rid of his afflictions. I just pray to God for your spiritual development.