Sade-Sati of Saturn - God or Bed Phase for all 12 signs

Sadhesati of Saturn is 7½ years period of transit of Saturn. When Saturn comes in 12th house from Moonsign of natal horoscope, sadhesati begins. Saturn remains in one sign for 2½ years. During sadhesati, Saturn remains for 2½ years in 12th house, 2½ years in moonsign and for 2½ years in 2nd house from moonsign.

When sadhesati starts and when it ends depends on sign and degrees of Moon in natal horoscope. Sadhesati starts 45° before degrees of Moon and ends 45° after it. Whether sadhesati will give good results or bad depends on sign of Moon. Relations of Saturn with lord of sign of Saturn's transit should be studied. For example if Saturn is transiting on Leo, relations between Saturn and Leo's lord Sun must be considered which are enemy relations therefore Saturn's transit on Leo will be a difficult period and results will be related to the house having Leo sign. Saturn's transit on friendly sign is beneficial and benefits will be related to the house passing through sadhesati. If Saturn is neutral for the sign, average results for the house under sadhesati are likely.

The following table shows the various results of sadhesati
Auspicious/Inauspicious impacts of Dhaiya of Saturn
Moon Sign 1st Dhaiya 2nd Dhaiya 3rd Dhaiya
Aries Neutral Bad Good
Taurus Bad Good Good
Gemini Good Good Bad
Cancer Good Bad Bad
Leo Bad Bad Good
Virgo Bad Good Good
Libra Good Good Bad
Scorpio Good Bad Neutral
Sagittarius Bad Neutral Good
Capricorn Neutral Good Good
Aquarius Good Good Neutral
Pisces Good Neutral Bad

This table has been prepared on the basis of natural friendship/enmity of Saturn with other planets. If relationships are different according to 5-fold friendship principle, results will be different.

For knowing the correct remedies of Sadhesati first of all learn about nature of Saturn. Saturn is a cruel planet. Its sadhesati definitely causes some effect on the life of native. Capricorn and Aquarius are signs of Saturn. When sadhesati comes on these signs then good effect of Shani are reduced. If Saturn is a benefic planet in horoscope, sadhesati is not much harmful. If Saturn is a malefic, maarak (death inflicting) or obstructing planet then sadhesati is very unfortunate.

Saturn increases the results of the house where it resides in the horoscope and reduces the results of houses aspected by him. Saturn is considered for quarrel, enmity, imprisonment, murder, persisting disease, humiliation, failure, hurdles, bitterness in relationships, despair etc. native's death or life span is also considered by it. Saturn related people are suspicious, clever, churning and assertive by nature. They are serious, imaginative, entrepreneurs, frugal, persevering, lovers of freedom, inventors, reserved, lovers of astronomy and chemistry and are sensitive for honour. Diseases like ailments of legs, accidents, impotence, wind related problems, spinal chord, Cancer leprosy and evil spirits are related to Saturn. Cobblers iron smiths, mechanics, carpenters, coal traders, drivers, oil traders, judges are related to Saturn. Saturn is exalted in Libra and debilitated in Aries. Venus and Mercury are its friends , Sun, Moon and Mars are enemies and Jupiter is even. Saturn is son of Lord Sun but regards Sun his enemy.

Those people suffer more in dasha of Shani or sadhesati who take forbidden food, have relations with women other than wife, do not have faith in work, are engaged in wrong deeds and do not worship.

दुःख में सब सुमिरन करे, सुख में करे न कोय|
जो सुख में सुमिरन करे, तो दुख काहे को होय ||

For getting rid of hardships people should indulge in charity, worship, chanting of mantras, yantra, tantra etc.

Following remedies may be effective for reducing the evils of sadhesati:
  1. Worship of Saturn
  2. Recitation of Shani Mantra
  3. Worship of Shani Yantra
  4. Worship of Shani Grah Peeda Nivarak Yantra
  5. If Saturn is favorable, wear sapphire or iron ring in middle finger.
  6. Wear Rudraksha
  7. Worship Lord Shiva. Recite Om Namah Shivaay.
  8. Worship Lord Hanuman
  9. Worship God
  10. Do not take alcohol or flesh
  11. Do not have illicit relations
  12. Do not indulge in wrong deeds
  13. Remain enterprising
  14. Go to temple daily and ask for God's pardon
  15. Donate Urad, oil and black clothes on Saturday
  16. Irrigate PEEPAL tree on Saturday by raw milk and water, worship the tree and light lamps under it.
  17. Do not wear black clothes on Saturday.
  18. Recite Mrityunjaya mantra.
  19. If problem is severe arrange recitation of Mahamrityunjaya by an able person.
  20. Observe fast on Saturday, read or listen Shanivar Vrat Katha.
  21. Worship Lord Krishna.