Sadhesati of Saturn and its Remedies

Sadhesati is an important consideration in Astrology. Sadhesati of a native starts when the transitting saturn, influences the natal Moon by its proximity within 45°. This is the most feared phenomenon in Astrology as the people assume that Saturn will cause them harm for seven and half gears and give catastrophical result. But this is not so. It depends upon the strength of horoscope and placement of Moon in the natal chart. Saturn even bestowshigh honour and prosperity at the time of Sadhesati. In order to ward off the evil effects of Sadhesati, different types of remedies related to Saturn are suggested.

Transit of Saturn is seen from the Janma Rashi of native to know its Sadhesati. Sadhesati of Saturn starts when Saturn falls in the twelfth house from Janma Rashi while in transit. Saturn stays on a Sign for about two and half years. It remains for two and half years on twelfth house, Janma Rashi and second house from Moon sign respectively. These seven and half years are called Sadhesati. What result will Saturn bestow to a native in its Sadhesati? A table in this regard is given below :

Results on the basis of Dhaiya of Saturn:
Chandra Rashi First Dhaiya Second Dhaiya Third Dhaiya
Aries Normal Malefic Benefic
Taurus Malefic Benefic Benefic
Gemini Benefic Benefic Malefic
Cancer Benefic Malefic Malefic
Leo Malefic Malefic Benefic
Virgo Malefic Benefic Benefic
Libra Benefic Benefic Malefic
Scorpio Benefic Malefic Normal
Sagittarius Malefic Normal Benefic
Capricorn Normal Benefic Benefic
Aquarius Benefic Benefic Normal
Pisces Benefic Normal Malefic

This table of Shubhashubha Gyanam has been drawn out from natural friendship of Saturn. The benefic and malefic impacts of Sadhesati may change according to the difference, if any, between the benefic and malefic positions of the planets in Panchdha Maitri.

It is advised to know the nature of Saturn before going for the remedies of Sadhesati. Saturn is a cruel planet. Its Sadhesati puts its influence on the life of every one. Capricorn and Aquarius are the signs of Saturn. The benefic influence of Saturn reduces when its Sadhesati starts in the life of people of these signs. Saturn does not prove to be much malefic if it is benefic and Yogakark in the horoscope of a person. But its inauspiciousness enhances if it is obstructing, fatal or malefic. Saturn enhances the influence of the houses it is posited in and reduces the influence of the houses it aspects with its third, seventh and tenth aspect. Dispute, enmity, imprisonment, chronic disease, failure, hurdles, bitterness, frustration etc. are also considered by it. People under the influence of Saturn happen to be suspicious by disposition, clever and cunning and do not expose what they have in their mind.

They are sombre by nature. They possess fine imaginative faculty and they happen to be planners of big trades. They are thrifty, tolerant and they love independence. They also happen to be inventors, solitude loving and interested in Astronomy and Chemistry. They love honour. Problem in feet, accident, impotence, windy diseases, diseases in the back-bone, cancer, leprosy and obstructions caused by evil spirits are caused by Saturn. Cobbler, blacksmith, carpenter, mechanic, coal dealer, driver, oil dealer, judge etc. are the subjects of Saturn. Saturn is exalted in Libra and debilitated in Aries. Venus and Mercury are its friends whereas Sun, Moon and Mars are enemies. Jupiter is even (neutral) for Saturn. Saturn is the son of Sun but thinks him to be his enemy.

People, who eat uneatable, who have illicit relations with the women other than their wife, do not like working hard, keep involved in illicit behaviour and do not perform religious rites suffer much in the period or Sadhesati of Saturn.

Dukha Mein sumiran sab Kare sukha Mein Kare Na Koy |
Jo Sukha Mein Sumiran Kare To Dukha Kahe Ko hoy ||

To be free from agonies and afflictions, a man has to make oblations and to perform religious activities, Jap-Tap etc. He also has to have the help of gems.

Following remedies can be helpful to pacify the malefic influence of Sadhesati of Saturn:
  • Worshipping Saturn
  • Jap of Shani-Mantra
  • Worshipping Shani-Yantra
  • Worshipping the Shree Graha Peeda Nivarak Shani-Yantra
  • Sapphire or an iron ring should be put on in case Saturn is Yogakarak
  • Rudraksha should be worn
  • Worship Lord Shiva. Perform the Jap of Om Namo Shivaya
  • Worship Lord Hanuman
  • Worship God
  • Do not consume meat and liquor.
  • Do not establish physical relation with the women other than your wife.
  • Stay away from evil acts.
  • Remain active.
  • Pray to God every day and visit to temples.
  • Donate horse-bean, oil and a piece of black cloth on Saturday.
  • Offer unboiled milk and water to a Peepul tree and worship it on Saturday.
  • Do not wear black cloth on Saturday.
  • Perform Mrityunjay Jap.
  • One should perform Mahamrityunjay Jap or should get it performed by some one else just in case he is suffering too much.
  • Keep fast on Saturday and read or hear the Vrat katha of Saturday.
  • Worship lord Krishna.