What is Palm-Reading?

Palm Reading

Palmistry is the art and science of analysis a person's palm lines. This reading is used to decode nature qualities and prediction of the upcoming time by the reading of palm lines. It is also called Chirology or Palm Reading in several cultures, this is common in lots of countries commonly, with local and cultural differences.

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There are a number of schools of palmistry with their own variations and interpretations of lines and palmar features.

Everybody's hand or palm has lines which are called 'palm lines' or destiny lines'. Every one of us is born with these 'palm lines'. It is believed that the palm lines on one of our hands remain unchanging all through our life, but the lines on the other can change all through the life. The fixed lines signify the destiny that we were born with, while the changing lines signify the current circumstances derived from our free spirit and our works.

Benefits of Palmistry

It is essential for everyone to know that palmistry is not direct fortune-predicting method. The possibilities of the upcoming time are not stable and can change with incidents and circumstances in life. It is a method of knowing your past with the present and the future. A few of the benefits of palm reading:

  • It may disclose the questions and answers related to memories of past life.
  • It helps people understand their intention in life.
  • It gives an insight into their strong points and weak points that one may have and by which way to defeat the difficulties in life.
  • Helps in taking decisions and guides the person how to handle relationships, money, work, family, and friends.
  • Palm reading begins the creative aspect of a person and allows them to optimize their potential as well.

In the art of palm reading, one is taught the meaning of every palm line, and what that specific line shows. For instance, there is a palm line which signifies our health, another which signifies our money, another which signifies our relationships and love life, and so on. A professional palm reader successfully uses their knowledge and wisdom to interpret the palm lines and provide correct analysis to the person whose palm is being read.

Palmistry - Science behind palm lines

Palmistry is a system that people uses while looking for answers about what went before, their future or their fate. It is a very old system commonly used in countries worldwide.