We have talked about the lines of influence in the last article. When these lines meet on the palm they form many figures to which students must be initiated so that they can recognise them and understand their significance.

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A cross on the Mount of Jupiter is auspicious, but inauspicious on other mounts and lines. Remember that if two lines of influence form a cross it is inauspicious; less inauspicious is the one which is formed when a line of influence intersects a main line.

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The effect of a star, like that of a cross, can be either good or bad.

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It provides protection against inauspiciousness or obstacles associated with the mount or the line on which it is found.

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A triangle, wherever it is found on the palm, is auspicious and beneficial.

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A trident is usually found at the end of the vertical lines towards the fingers. Its effect is beneficial, If it is found at the end of a line towards the wrist, it tends to reduce the power and effect of that line.

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A tassel is usually found at the end of a line. It tends to reduce the effect of that line. But if it is at the end of the Heart Line, it is beneficial.

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Forked Line

A forked line is indicative of the increased benefit of that line.


A small depression is sometimes found on a line or on the palm. It is not auspicious. The strength of the mount or the line is reduced at the age at which a depression found on it. Study the handprint No. 3 'A' (Heart Line) and No. 3 'B' (Line of Saturn), in part IV where there is a depression.

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Chain Like Line

A line twisted like a rope which resembles a chain is defective.

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Broken or Wavy Line

Broken or wavy lines are also defective.

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Parallel Line

If a thin, clear line runs parallel to a broken or detective line, it tends to remove the fault or the defect of the broken line. If the parallel line runs a little away from a main line, it tends to accentuate the influence of that main line.

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Axe Line or Kuthar Rekha

A thin line very near a clear, deep line gives rise to problems. If it is a little distance away it is called a subsidiary or parallel line. The effect of the subsidiary line is beneficial.

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Fish Sign

If a square resembles a rectangle, it is called a Fish Sign (Matsya Chinha) by the practitioners of the Samudrika Shastra. It is auspicious because it endows wealth and knowledge.