The Right Hand or the Left?

A palmist should study both the palms of all clients, whether men or women, If the lines on both the palms are similar, there are not many ups and downs in a person's life. If the lines are different, the palmist should study the hand which is more active. A hand which is used most often by a person to write with is called the more active hand, A majority of persons are right-handed. In a person who uses his left hand more often, the lines of the left hand should be studied first and than the other hand.

Types of Hand

If the skin of the hand is flexible, a person is more likely to have a flexible character. But, if the skin is thick and hard, a person is not likely to change his views in a hurry. He is a person with firmness of character. If the skin is flexible and the hand is hard it is known as a Firm Hand. Such a person is given to thinking and also action. His views are both firm and flexible. If the skin is flexible and the hand soft, it is known as a Flabby Hand. Such a person has an active mind, but less of physical strength or vitality.

Colour of the Palm

Pink is an auspicious colour. People with a skin the colour of wheat have a similar tinge in their palms. That is also thought to be auspicious. A red palm indicates an angry disposition. If a palm is yellow in colour it is an indication of the possibility of the person falling a prey to jaundice. People with a white palm always think of their own interests,

Hand Image
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Hand Image
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  • If a nail is long, AS well as broad, it is called a large nail. (See Fig- 2/1) Large nails are auspicious. People with such nails do not lose their balance of mind even under stress or shocks.
  • A person with long nails with small width is liable to fall prey to diseases of the throat.
  • If a nail is of normal width, but less than average in length, it is called a small nail. (See Fig. 2/3) Such persons are devoid of tolerance. They are susceptible to stress and tension.
Let Us Now, in Brief, Talk About the Other Characteristics of the Palm

People with a broad palm tend to look at the practical aspect of things. Physically they are more active. A person with a long palm is, usually, a planner by nature.
People with a small hand have a tendency to look at things in a superficial manner and are wont i.e. overlook the details. They do everything in a hurry. Similar is the case with people with small fingers. The latter are also quick workers.
Conversely, people with a large hand do things in detail. The pace of their work is slow. If the fingers are long, the standard of their performance goes up, but the speed is reduced.
Keep in mind the need to decide whether a hand is large or small. The height of women and the size of their hand is smaller as compared to men. A small hand in a woman is average. Do keep in view the height of a person while deciding whether he has a large or a small hand.
A heavy or a full hand indicates a man of action. Such a person would not easily admit defeat. He is apt to be frank. It is difficult to define what is going on in the mind of a person with thin hands.