A palmist's clients want to know a variety of things This article deals with some hand signs which can help a palmist to answer some very important questions which most clients ask. We now come to some more signs which would help you to answer some more questions.

Let it be repeated that unless four or more signs favour a particular possibility, a palmist should not make any predictions if the number of signs is less than four, you can only indicate a possibility of something happening. If only one or two signs indicate something, you should keep quiet about it. But, each decision would have to be taken on the merits of each cast.


The main sign to be consulted to answer questions about whether person would undertake any journeys is the Mount of Luna. Among the tines, the Line of Life, the Sun Line, the Line of Mercury and the lines at influence on the Mount of Luna should be studied. If the Mount of Luria is welt-developed the desire to travel is intense, f the lines are favourable the desire is fulfilled.

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If a branch of the Line of Life goes towards the Mount of Luna (See Fig. 10/1) there are possibilities of travel.

If the Line of Life has branches, one encircling the Mount of Venus and the other goes towards the Mount Luna (See Fig. 10/2), a person travels extensively. The deeper of the two branches has the greater effect. If the branch encircling the Mount of Venus is deeper, a person goes on a journey, but ultimately returns home, but, if the branch going towards the Mount of Luna is deeper, a person is likely to go on a journey and will settle abroad.

Lines going from the wrist to the Mount of Luna (See Fig. 10/3) indicate travel.

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(Fig. 10/4)
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(Fig. 10/6)

Lines going from the percussion towards the Mount of Luna (See Fig. 10/4) indicate short journeys.

A line emanating from the Mount of Luna which reaches the Mount of Jupiter (See Fig. 10/5) indicates a long and fortunate journey.

If you want to know when or at what age a person will undertake a journey see when the Line of Saturn turns thin after being thick in the beginning or when it is freed from its fault, or when the branch of the Line of Life going towards the Mount of Saturn emanated, or the age at which the Line of the Sun arose. Answer the question after studying the favourable signs amongst the ones enumerated above.

If a thick Line of Saturn stops at the Head Line and thin Line of Saturn emerges from the other part of the Head Line (See Fig. 10/6) a person is likely to go on a journey at that age.

A well-developed Mount of Luna and clear Line of Mercury indicates travels.

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(Fig. 10/7)
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(Fig. 10/8)

If there is a sign of the fish on the Mount of Luna (See Fig. 10/7) a foreign travel is indicated.

If there is a line parallel to the Heart Line and Mount of Luna is well-developed (See Fig. 10/8) there are possibilities of many journeys.

It should be remembered that if the lines indicating travel are faultless, the journeys are fortunate or lucky. A defective line or its detective branch presages problems and difficulties during travel. It should also be made clear here that there are no lines or signs in the hand indicating travel undertaken suddenly during an emergency. The signs only indicate travel undertaken for pleasure or for employment.

Education? How Much?

If there are only three main lines (the Line of Life, the Head line and the Heart Line) on the palm, a person is not likely to take interest in studies. Such a person should not waste his time in higher studies but take up employment according to his capacity or taste. The hand signs indicating the profession or vocation which suits the different types of individuals have been commented upon in previous articles.

Persons with a sign of the fish on their palm are scholars. Scholarship, let it be said, does not signify getting academic degrees, but gathering of knowledge because of a person's inherent desire for it. One might be a scholar without any formal education, as the great poets Tagore and Kabir were.

If the Line of Life emanates from a faultless Head Line and if there are other lines in addition to the main three lines, and the hand is pliable and soft one should continue one's education. The point from where the Line of toe Sun emanates is a guarantee of success in this field.

If both the Line of Saturn and the Heart Line are thick, a person is not likely to complete his education.

A person with long fingers is interested in studies. The time of life when he would achieve success can be known from the position of the Sun Line.

A straight index finger is indicative of a studious nature. If there is a vertical line on the Mount of Sun a person achieves success in this field.

If the fingers are long and knotty a person is likely to be interested in mathematics, science and philosophy. If long fingers have soft knots a person is more suited to literature and fine arts.

One should note here that a person should choose a field of study which suits his nature. He chooses another because it is more in demand, though opposed to his natural choice, he is not likely to be at peace with himself.

Interest in Religion and the Occult

See the following signs if you want to know whether a person has interest in spiritualism, Yoga, Tantra Mantra and Yantras, palmistry, psychology and desires to renounce the world. If you find four or more signs favouring a possibility, that is sere to turn into a certainty. It is the Sun Line which is a sure sign of success in these fields.

A long middle finger or a developed Mount of Saturn Knotty fingers.

A triangle on the Mount of Saturn

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(Fig. 10/9)
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(Fig. 10/10)
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(Fig. 10/11)

A clear Line of Intuition (See Fig. 10/9)

A quadrangle on the Mount of Saturn or a mystic cross under the Mount of Jupiter or under the Mount of Saturn in the great quadrangle (See Fig. 10/10). A sign of damroo on the great quadrangle (See Fig. 10/11)

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(Fig. 10/12)
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(Fig. 10/13)
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(Fig. 10/14)

A triangle on the Heart Line or the Mount of Jupiter (See Fig. 10/12-B) or a branch of the Heart Line going towards the index finger (See Fig. 10/12-A)

A sun line emanating from the Mount of Luna (See Fig 10/13-A)

A thin Line of Saturn emanating from the Line of Life (See Fig. 10/13-B)

A ring of Solomon (See Fig. 10/14-A) or a Girdle of Venus (See Fig. 10/14-B)

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(Fig. 10/15)
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(Fig. 10/16)
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(Fig. 10/17)

A well-developed Mount of Luna and an under-developed Mount of Venus. A cross is formed at the junction of the Head Line and the Line of Mercury. (See Fig. 10/15)

The sign of the fish of the Mount on Apollo (See Fig. 10/16).

A branch of the Heart Line goes towards the third finger (see Fig. 10/17)

While interpreting the above signs it should be borne in mind that a well-developed Mount of Saturn and/or long fingers motivate a person to renounce the world. The third Finger and a well-developed Mount of Apollo encourages a man to remain worldly and to gain fame and honour. Even though these areas encourage spirituality, the signs mean something different according to their nature. If a person has a developed Mount of Mercury and a long little finger, he might be spiritual but even then he seeks worldly gain.

Hand Signs Indicating a Violent Nature and a Conspiratorial Tendency

If, the hand is heavy, red and wide, the Aggressive Mars and the Mount of Venus are well-developed, or there is a cross on it, the thumb and the fingers are short and thick; there are only the main lines on the palm and they are deep, a person is likely to turn violent when angry.

If the hand is thin, white and cold, the fingers long, the mounts of Mercury and Saturn are well-developed, there is no Heart Line or it is short, the hand is long, a person is likely to conspire to visit violence on others. If the Head Line is long and goes towards the Mount of Mercury, such a person does not get caught after such a conspiracy towards violence.

Hand Signs Indicating Nobility of Character

If a person has a developed Mount of Apollo and the Mount of Jupiter, there is little likelihood of his taking to evil ways. Even if he takes to something immoral, he gets a good name instead of disgrace. Other hand signs indicating nobility of character are the following:

A person with rounded nails is loyal toward his friends.

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(Fig. 10/18)
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(Fig. 10/19)

If the Head and the Heart Lines are forked, but their branches do not touch each other and there is sufficient distance between the two (See Fig. 10/18). The lines are thin and without any fault.

The Line of Mars is thin and away from the Line of Life.

If there is a Ring of Solomon, or there is a cross on the Mount of Jupiter or an oblique line over it or a vertical line.

If the fingers are straight and long and resemble a Japanese fan when extended and are inclined outward from the palm.

A pink palm and a soft, pliable skin (Let it be noted that in a dark-complexioned man a skin with a deep tan has the same effect as a pink one).

Signs Favouring Disrepute

Persons with a well-developed Mount of Mercury or a long, thick little finger, or a little finger which is not straight are cunning and there is greater likelihood of their taking to wicked ways. If four of the following signs are found in a hand of such persons they come into disrepute.

If there are spots or depressions in the Line of the Sun or there is a cross over it, a person would get a bad name in that age signified by the position of such a fault over the line. If the line continues beyond that point, a person might be mentally disturbed but, later on, there is no ill-effect.

If, along with other faults, the Line of Mercury is wavy or there is a grill over the Mount of Mercury or a star over it.

If the index finger is short and the Mount of Jupiter is depressed. If the hand is thin.

If the Line of Saturn is thick or faulty.

If the Line of Saturn enters the third phalanges of the middle finger it presages disrepute in old age.

If the Head Line is defective.

If the Heart Line is not there in the palm or is short.

If a branch of the Line of Mars enters the Mount of Luna (See Fig. 10/19) and the hand is thin or flabby, there is a tendency towards taking of narcotic drugs. If, along with these signs, the hand is heavy and hard, a person is likely to be an inveterate lecher.

Signs Favouring an Accident

There is a general belief that if there is a cross on the Head Line it is indicative of a head injury and a cross or any obstruction on the Line of Life signifies physical injury in an accident. But, it would be unwise to predict an accident merely on the basis of these signs. One must also study the mounts and the fingers to make any such predictions.

If the Aggressive Mars is very well-developed and any of the three main lines -- the Head Line, the Heart Line and the Line of Life — is broken there is a possibility of a person being involved in a road accident.

But, if in addition to the broken main lines you find that the Aggressive Mars is under-developed or the area along the length of the palm towards the little finger -- the Mount of Mercury, the Defensive Mars and the Mount of Lures -- is developed, a person does not suffer injury in a road accident. Here the broken Head Line indicates headache, the fault of the Heart Line presages an emotional trauma and the fault of the Line of Life indicates family or financial problems.

Persons with a heavy palm are violent and take hasty decisions in anger. They should not drive a vehicle when under the influence of anger or emotional upsets.

A long ring finger encourages a person to take risks in every field. If along with this sign the palm is heavy and wide the tendency to take risks is accentuated. In conjunction with these signs, the faults of the Head Line and the Line of Life presage an accident.

In order to find the age at which a person would meet with an accident, one should see at what age the Line of Saturn or the Line of Life become faulty. There is no rule under which can calculate the time on the basis of a study of the other lines.