Reduction of the Plot

This condition is exactly opposite of the extension of a corner of the plot. When the corner gets extended, the power of the god and the related planet increases. With the result one finds progress and growth in the areas represented by the concerned god or the planet (In some directions the extension even gives harmful results) as opposed to this culling of a corner reduces the power of the concerned god and the planet.

Plot with reduced Ishan (Northeast)
Ishan Reduced

Plot with Reduced Ishan (Northeast)

If the Ishan corner of the plot is reduced then there will be reduction in the inflow of money, lack of spirituality, lack of happiness from father and lack of family happiness. There could be problems in having children or trouble with children. The residents could have a weak memory and they could even be lacking the inclination towards charitable acts.

When the Ishan is cut then gods and Jupiter are left outside the plot. As a result, significations of Jupiter suffer.

Such a plot has six corners. According to Vastushastra plots having 3, 5, 7 corners should not be used for construction. So, one should never buy such a plot. Gods reside in Ishan and if that corner of the plot is cut then they are left out of the plot and this affects the prosperity, luxury and grandeur of the residents. Among all planets Jupiter is most important, he has power to protect the residents from the ill effects of the other planets. If Jupiter is left out of the plot then how can we expect auspiciousness and protection in the plot!

Plot with reduced Nairritya (Southwest)
Nairritya Reduced

Plot with Reduced Nairritya (Southwest)

Vastu shastra does not consider a plot with more than four corners suitable for residential premises. However there is an exception made for Nairritya. When the Nairritya is cut then miseries and troubles related to Rahu get reduced. This corner is the abode of devilish demon Rahu. When this corner is cut then Rahu remains out of the plot, with the result Rahu or other wicked powers become ineffective. Ghosts cannot enter the plot and the residents remain free from superstitions.

Plot with reduced Vayavya (Northwest)
Vayavya Reduced

Plot with Reduced Vayavya (Northwest)

Vayavya is the abode of Moon. When this corner is cut then the mental strength of the residents becomes weak because Moon is the karaka for mind.

Symptoms of melancholia and insanity can develop among them. Moon represents blood, so more than one person suffers from low blood pressure. Since Moon is a watery planet, people residing in this plot can develop cough and cold, breathing problems, urinary trouble and brain fever etc. Dark circle can form under the right eye. For some reason or the other the eye sight becomes weak. Moon also represents mother and women. For this reason the women of the house may suffer from insanity, disappointments, mental tension and ailments related to uterus, menstrual cycle or to urinary ailments. Moon is a karaka for grains and wealth, so either the grain rots or there is shortage of grain. Trees and plants dry up. Vayavya is an abode of wind god. Cutting of this corner does not produce windy, complaints, but the increase in kaff, produces laziness and anger.

Plot with Reduced Agneya (Southeast)
Agneya Reduced

Plot with Reduced Agneya (Southeast)

Agneya is the abode of Venus. When this corner is cut then there is lack of enjoyment, laughter, luxury, happiness from women and lack of interest in sex. The men living in this plot have lower virility and potency. Fire is the life force in our body. When agneya is cut then the person's jatharagni (the heat in the stomach for digesting food) and sexual drive is low. Normally these people have weakness in the body.

This picture resembles a pistol or an axe. Vastushastra does not consider such a plot to be auspicious.