Shapes and Sizes of the Rooms

Shapes and sizes of the room vary according to the availability of the space. However Vastu mentions about the ideal size and shape of a particular room e.g. a normal bedroom is ideal if its size is 10' x15'. Master bedroom should be made bigger and slightly higher than the other rooms while the toilet without bathroom should not be much bigger and its ideal size is 4'x4'.

Bed room and dining room should be of the following sizes :

10' x 10', 10' x 11', 11' x 11', 10' x 16', 11' x 16', 16' x 16', 17' x 11', 17' x 17', 20' x 16', 21' x 16', 21' x 21', 22' x 10', 22' x 11', 22' x 16', 29' x 11', 29' x 16'.

Size of the Kitchen : 8' x 8', 8' x 10', 10' x 10'.

Size of the Bathroom : 8' x 8', 8' x 10' or 10' x 10'.

Size of the Toilet : A toilet which does not have a bathing area can be 4' x 4', or 6' x 4'.

Auspicious sizes according to Vastu

6', 8', 10', 11', 16', 17', 20', 21', 22', 24', 26', 27', 28', 29', 30', 31', 32', 33', 35', 36', 37', 39', 41', 42', 45', 52', 56', 60', 64', 66', 68', 70', 71', 72', 73', 74', 77', 79', 80', 84', 85', 87', 88', 91', 92', 93', 97', 99', 100', 101', 102', 106', 107', 108', 109, 110', 111', 112', 113', 115', 116', 117' and 119'

Inauspicious sizes according to Vastu

Following sizes are considered inauspicous for residential rooms - 5', 7', 9', 12', 13', 14', 15', 18', 19', 23', 25'.

Auspicious height of the Room

6', 8', 10', 14', 16', 17', 20', 21', 22', 25', 27', 28', 29', and 30'

Factors to be paid attention to while Constructing a House
  • • The level between first and second floor is called mezzanine floor, this should be in Nairritya Kona or towards Southwest Nairritya.
  • Ideal proportion for length and breadth of the house is 1:1.5 and ordinary proportion is 1:1.2.
  • Cupboards or heavy articles of the room should be kept close to southern or Western walls of the room. Bookshelves should also be kept in this direction.
  • Heavy articles should not be placed towards North and East. Even the light articles should not touch the Northern or Eastern walls.
  • Servants' quarters should be made in the Vayavya or Agneya direction. This accommodation should remain away from Northern and Eastern boundary wall. The height should not be more than that of the main house. Ideal distance between these quarters and the boundary wall is at least 31/2 ft.
  • There should be more windows towards North and East direction and lesser windows towards South and West direction.
  • More doors of the house should be towards North and East and least towards South and West. The doors of the house should always be kept in the beneficial grid in the Eastern Ishan, Northern lshan, main North, Western Vayavya, West, South and Southern Agneya. The doors should not be made in Western Nairritya Eastern Agneya and Northern Vayavya. The main door of a residential house should not be made in the centre of the plot or the house. Otherwise the house will be full of guests all the time.
  • The number of doors and windows should be even. In Numerology 30,50,70 etc. are also considered odd numbers.
  • The number of steps should be odd.
  • The walls in North and East should be thinner while those in South and West should be thicker.
  • The boundary should be slightly higher in South and West and lower in North and East.
  • Varandah should be in North or East. The roof of the varandah should be either slightly lower or of the same height as the house. There should be no Varandah in the South or West. If there is one, then it should be covered with glass. The Varandah should be well lit. A dark varandah creates water related ailments.
  • Rooms outside the main house should be made in Vayavya or Agneya kona but they should not touch the Northern and Eastern boundary wall. The height of the outer rooms should be less than that of the main house. If these quarters touch the Northern or Eastern boundary wall then the servants etc. will not obey the master.
  • According to Vastu a house whose four main directions and four corners are open, the house which can be walked around freely is auspicious from all points of view. House made in the centre of the plot is very auspicious.
  • If the house is constructed leaving more open space in North and East then it is very auspicious.
  • A house made towards the North and East of the plot is inauspicious.
  • Garage for the car should be made in the Vayavya or Agni kona, but it should be at least 31/2ft away from the Northern and Eastern walls. It can be touching the Southern and Western walls.