Window of the House

Less number of windows should be in Agneya or Vayavya kona. Windows should be made after leaving approximately 4 feel (1¼ of the hand) from the kona. The windows should be of the same shape and they should be even in number i.e. 2-4-6-8. . Larger and bigger windows should be placed in east and North wall. In these directions number of windows should be much more than the windows in other directions.

  • More windows in the North increases prosperity
  • Windows should be made in a row and not above and below in one wall
  • The windows should open inside
  • The window should be as a pair, (two parts). It should not be single or triple
  • Windows and small windows should be made on the right side of the house and not in the centre or in the left. They can be made on the left side in a temple
Doorsill (Dehleej)

There are no doorsills in houses these days. This is not acceptable in shastras. Atleast the main door should have a doorsill. Before entering a new house we touch the dehleej of the temple and then worship the deity. Dehleej of the temple is considered to be pure and important. Our house is also our temple so why is there no dehleej!

The advantage of having a dehleej on the main door is that the troubles and calamities remain outside the dehleej. Even snakes and lizards cannot enter the house. In our society ladies worship the dehleej with haldi and kumkum and wish for happiness of the people living inside. Even a bride enters the house after the worship of dehleej. So presence of dehleej in a house is extremely important.