The Importance of Colour in Vastu

Astrology, Numerology and Vastu, all accept that the colours influence our daily life to a great extent. Energy direction is ruled by some planet or the other. According to Numerology, depending on our date of birth, we can work out our beneficial number and colour. For example, If the date of birth is 25-6- 1968. We can work out the basic number by using the date alone. The date is 25, which can be broken down to 2 and 5. By adding these two numbers we get the person's beneficial number as 7 (2+5=7). Next we refer to the chart given below to identify the beneficial colour. The colour for number 7 is variegated.

Planets and their beneficial colour
Beneficial No. Planet Colour
1 Sun Copper colour, Pink
2 Moon White
3 Jupiter Saffron, Yellow, Cream
4 Rahu Blue
5 Mercury Green
6 Venus White
7 Ketu Variegated
8 Saturn Black, Grey
9 Mars Red
Direction's Lord and Colour
Direction Lord Colour
East Sun Copper Colour
South-East Venus White
South Mars Red
South-West Rahu Blue
West Saturn Blue, Black
North-West Moon White
North Mercury Green
North-East Jupiter Yellow
Directions and Their Colours
East Direction

If there is a defect in the East direction in Vastu, then it can create ailments related to eyes, bones and heart. It is beneficial to use golden yellow, pink and copper colours to rectify this defect. Use of these colours enhances courage, self respect and status.


Defect in the Northeast direction produce ailments related to liver and problems in having children. To rectify this defect saffron, yellow and cream colours should be used.


Defect in North direction produces lack of intelligence and power of discrimination. It also creates problems in speech and adversely affects wealth and prosperity. Green colour should be used in North direction to rectify this defect.


Defect in the Northwest direction produces tension, lack of peace in the mind and ailments like cough and cold. Use of white colour helps to rectify this defect. This enhances mental peace, gentleness, decency and tactful behaviour.


Defect in the West direction creates Arthritis and diseases related to 'Vata'. In addition to this tension in marital life and lack of mental peace is also seen. Use of grey and black colour helps to rectify this defect.


Defect in Southwest produces nervous problems and incurable ailments like paralysis and polio. Unforeseen mishaps and accidents also take place. Use of blue colour helps to rectify this defect.


Defect in the South direction reduces vitality and enthusiasm. Sometimes ailments related to bone marrow are also seen. To rectify this defect use of bright red and orange colours is found most effective.


Defect in Southeast creates problems related to virility, urinary tract, liver and secret parts. It also creates lack of interest in enjoyment, make up and in good dressing. Use of white colour is beneficial in this situation.