Vastu for Office

Before establishing an office, the selection of an appropriate land is very important. The selection of a rectangular or a square land is best for setting up a office. The construction of office in East facing land, produces benefic results. The big buildings, trees and plants in West and South directions, a open field, flowing water, pond or an artificial water resource in East and North direction enhances the prosperity of the office in terms of wealth, happiness and fortune. It would be beneficial if North, North East and East directions of the office should have maximum open space, while South and West directions should have very less open space.

The entrance door of the office should be opened either in North, East or North East directions. There should not be any vedh or obstruction at the entrance door. The door should not create any unpleasant sound when the it is opened or closed as it generates negative energy. The main officer, manager or head of the building should be seated in South West direction for executing the work. The room of the main official should be bigger than to other rooms. If the head of the building or the main officer sits in South West direction of a room it increases positive energy and enhances his capabilities of taking right decisions. According to the principles of vastu people who provide their services through mental work.

Like doctors, lawyers, astrologers, professors, high profile officers should always sit in east facing South-West direction of the room. And the people who are involved in buying/selling or trading should sit facing North side direction as it is good for prosperity.

The boss or main official should not sit under a beam or slab of stone in a room while executing his work, as it brings hurdles and tension for the native. The principle behind this is 0- the beam takes the load of the ceilings over it and because it is over loaded, the gravitational force. Pulls this load downwards. The person who sits under the beam is affected because of this force and feels restless and laboured which may result in the failure of the work.

There should be a wall as a support behind the seat of the main official. If there is a door, window or glass door behind the place of the seat, the native feels insecure, frightened and is cheated by his colleagues. The table of the main official should be bigger than others. The table should be square shaped. He should sit in center of the table. By mistake also he should not sit at the corner of the table as three corners provide inauspicious energy which may result in depression, tiredness, and tension. His seat should not be placed in front of the door. It would be better to place chair and table an angle a little away from the door.


Telephone and fax implements should be kept in South East or North West direction in main official's room. Items like Glass of water, tea cup etc should not be kept near phone or fax implement. Computer should be kept it the right direction of the table and a fresh flower vase should be kept at east direction of the table. A healthy green plant should be placed in South East direction as it is good for the growth and development of personality. A Gem tree or crystal ball should be kept in South West direction as it helps to maintain good relationship with the subordinates and workers.

Account selection should be in the North direction, as it enhances the prosperity of the section. Chief treasures, accountant should sit facing North direction. If the treasurer sits facing east side, the cash counter should be placed at the right side of the treasurer. If the treasurer sits facing North side, the cash counter should be towards the left side.

The administrative department is the place where entire activities are executed. This department should be placed in east direction. Sales and marketing department should be in Vayavya direction. Research and production work should be kept in South East direction.

Canteen, kitchen, transformer, generator, inverter etc should be kept in South direction of the office. Electronics and electrical machines should also be kept in South of the office as it helps to maintain energy, agility and passion of the workers.

Any partition, nail or heavy objects should not be kept in center part (Brahmsthan) of the office. This place should always be open, neat, clean and empty. North east direction should always be kept neat and clean and free of any type of garbage or waste materials. This is a very important rule of vastu, as this direction is considered the abode of supreme power and Guru or Gods who creates spiritual awakening.

So an idol or a picture of your favourite deity should be placed in this corner and dhoop, deep and incence should be lit everyday. An aquarium or a small fountain should be put in North East direction of the office. This fountain should be visible from the office. if it is kept in the left side of the main door in such a way that everyone can see it, it enhances the prosperity of the office and helps in making cheerful environment in the office.

The pictures of natural scenery, artistic structures or buildings, and peace giving messages should be hanged in north East facing walls of the office. A picture of fountain or tortoise on the north wall enhances the financial progress of the office. The pictures of lotus, green garden, floating birds in the ponds, like swans, ducks or cranes cast an auspicious influence. The portraits or statues of beautiful singing or dancing ladies exhibiting different emotions also cast auspicious influence. The picture of pet birds such as parrot peacock is also good from vastu point of view. A picture depicting lord Krishna delivering sermons can also be hanged. The signs of Swastik and Om in the office are good omen for fortune. The posters or pictures of high mountains or Kailash parvat (without any water body) should be put in South West direction for stability strength and firm determination.

The pictures depicting battle of Mahabharata or Ramayana, magic, Inderjal, Demons the statues of Ghosts, picture of crying and moaning people, sad scenes should never be hanged in the office, as these kinds of pictures provide mental tension and worries.

The office should not be placed above the garage as it disturbs the concentration of the workers and gives negative influence due to the noise of the vehicles.

The proper arrangement of light should be done in the office. As the deficiency of light provides restlessness and nervousness. The light should reach from the left side of the shoulder while you are writing with the right hand . If you are left handed then the light should reach from the right side of your shoulder. Cash box and locker should never be kept empty. Some amount or money should always be there in cash box.

Colors play a very important role in Vastu. Black and dark colors should be avoided in the office as these colors generate unnecessary excitement and negative thoughts. Light colours are always welcome in the office, the use of light blue, yellow, pink, colours is very effective and profitable.