Industrial Vastu

If an industry or business place is constructed according to Vastu, it gives auspicious results for long time. The guidelines provided by this science help to solve the problems that come on the way during construction. If any industry or business place is constructed against the rules of Vastu, It is found that there is one or other problem emerging every day. So, for adequate progress and expansion of any industry and business work, Vastu principles should be thoroughly followed in construction.

For industry purpose, one should always select 'live' land. Land bearing healthy plants, trees and which yields best crop of wheat, is considered 'live' land. Infertile barren land is called dead land which should be avoided. Cracked land with termites and bones should never be selected for Industry construction. the selection of this type of land will be beneficial and auspicious for industry. Which acquires sufficient water, yields good crops, has solid day, is declared good for health in investigation by scientific laboratories, and which is stable. The land should be bone free and there should not be any cremation ground near the land.

Industrial Vastu

The land selected for Industry or business purpose should be square or rectangular. If it is square shaped, it should be 1:2 ratio. Each corner of land should be of 90°. An extended corner of the land is inauspicious, but an extended North East corner brings good results. The boundary wall of the industry in South and West sides should have tiles or stones of 90°. The boundary wall for North and East sides can be made with prickly wires. The reason for this is that these sides should be kept open as any hindrance in this direction stops the prosperity of industry and financial position deteriorates. The center place (Brahmsthan) should be kept open. Any kind of construction in this direction is prohibited in vastu's point of view. In the same way, Vayavya (North West) direction should not be blocked by any type of construction. As it stops the speed of progress.

Industrial Vastu

The entrance door of factory, if kept in East, North or in North East directions is best. Besides this Vayavya (North West,) West, Agneya and South directions can also be used for this purpose.

The slope of factory land should be towards North or East directions. Same way the slope of the ceiling of the main manufacturing buildings of commercial units is best if kept in North or East directions. Especially if you have noticed there is always an aluminum shade over the main factory which has slopes on its both sides. If the slope is only in West side then the unit does not get the regular profit. To remove this defect, tin shade should have slopes on both sides or if it is not there the slopes should be made in North and East directions, it helps to remove the defects.

The placement of a well, hand pump, artificial water body or a fountain in North, East or North east directions in the premises of a commercial complex is very auspicious. As it bestows the uninterrupted blessings of Goddess Laxmi and Kuber devata and increases the unexpected new resources of income of the industry. One will never imagine failure even in his dreams. The water tank should be kept in West, South West or Vayavya directions on the terrace.

The rooms for the employees and the laboures of the factory should always be made in Vayavya direction. The residential area of the employees should not be attached with East and North wall and the height of rooms should be lesser than the main building of the factory otherwise, labourers or the employees will not obey the officers or the head of the factory. Guard and watchman's rooms should be made in South-East or North West directions of the factory which should be at least 3 feet away from the main walls of the building.

Septic tank should not be made in the center place, north east (Ishan), Agneya (South East,) (Naratya) South West directions of the land in any commercial premises. Septic tank in these directions is completely prohibited as it destroys the entire system and stops progress. Septic tank, if placed in (Vayavya) North West direction in any commercial premises produces good results. Latrines should be made in North Vayavya or West Vayavya of the building. Nairatya and centre of South direction can also be used for latrines as the second priority.

The best place for toilets and bathroom in a commercial premises is East direction. Bathrooms should not be made under the stairs, Planet Mercury has the domain on the stairs while bathroom comes under the domain of planet Moon. (Moon is the karaka of water). Mercury and Moon are not friends. It is because of their enmity the bathrooms should never be made under the stairs. The slope of bathroom floor should be made in North East direction the water used on bathroom floor should have the outlet in North East, East or North directions. Taps fountain should be kept in North or East directions.

One should never think to construct a basement or a pond in West South direction in a commercial premises as it is very inauspicious and brings loss and destruction to the factory. One may face lack of fortune and hurdles in the progress. Not only this, tension, debt, poverty and imposed crime comes might also be faced. Luck sleeps and one becomes impoverish for the daily needs, bread and daily wages. It is for this reason, one should avoid to place basements, pond or clogged or dirty water in South West directions. Otherwise one may face loss of all efforts, and accumulated wealth will be destroyed.

Moreover, a drain, slush of dirty water, garbage should not be there outside the main entrance door of a factory. As it stops the growth and the prosperity (fortune) of the factory and puts the owner into debt.

Furnace boiler has the same element (fire) but for users both are different. Fire is directly used in a furnace while in a boiler fire works indirectly, though fire is its root element. Steam is created out of fire and this steam is used whenever needed. Furnace can be kept in Southern Agneya in South direction. Ever for boiler the best direction is South, if it is not possible then it can be kept in West or east directions also. But these fiery elements should not be placed in Ishan, Vayavya or North directions.

Conference Room in Commercial Premises

A conference room is very (important) room in a big commercial complex. Where producers, distributors, accountants, suppliers and policy makers sit together and take important decisions for the business. If the conference hall is not being constructed according to the vastu rules the conversationalists can not maintain harmony and balance in their thought process. Conference hall should be square or rectangular but it should not be more than 2:1 if it is square as it spoils the significance of conference hall. The length of conference room should be kept from East to West. For the dialogues (conversation) the furniture should be kept in U shape. Round or long table does not produce good results. If the front table is too long then it should be divided into many parts. One table should not be more than 11 feet long but if required no of table can be increased and desire length can be gained. It is beneficial if the owner or head of the factory site facing either North or East direction, this direction (Nairatya) has earth element in it, the owner is capable to take control and hold over factory.

Heavy and waste items should be stored in Nairatya direction and constructed items can be stored in Vayavya area as this direction is auspicious for keeping the constructed items and the items sold out speedily. North and East door should be used for taking out the constructed items.

Heavy weight machines which occupy lot of place should be kept in South from Nairatya or in West from Nairatya. If there are so many heavy machines then they should be placed from Nairatya to Vayavya.

Light weighted or manually operating machines should be placed in North, East, or Agneya directions. The machines should be placed in such a manner that the users should face North or East directions.

Conference Hall

Electrical implements or machines like boiler, transformer should be kept in Agneya kona but transformer should be kept little far away from mool Agnikon. Transformer should be kept in South direction forwards southern Agneya. Transformer should be kept near an area where the walls have no doors. It is good if current in Transformer comes from East and distributes from West. Generator foundation in commercial complex should be kept in such a way that the user's face is either in North or in East.

Chairs should be in even numbers like - 6, 8, 16, 26 but it should not be in 10,20,30,40 figures as grouping of such even numbers does not produce good results.

The person participating in conversation can face any direction. But it is beneficial if the head or owner of the factory face either North or East directions. As it helps the owner to maintain control and balance on the participating persons in conference hall.