Vastu for Hospital

Hospital is a place which provides medical services to the society. These types of institutions should be constructed according to the principles of Vastu. So that the diseased persons could have speedy recovery. Both doctor and patients are benefited. Hospitals get fame and name.

The land for the hospital should be square or rectangular as this kind of land gets magnetic force. The land which produces positive energy and magnetic force is very auspicious. The size of square land should not be bigger than 2:1 ratio as it reduces the effect of magnetic force. The main building of the hospital should be in South West direction. The front part of the hospital should be made in such a way that it should face east or North direction. Hospital gets famous very easily.


If the entrance door of the hospital is kept in East and North direction it is very beneficial. The arrangements of tube wells and bore wells should be done in Ishan Kona of the hospital. A fountain, pond in north or east direction of the hospital brings progress and enhances the reputation. Hospital gets recognition at international level the slope of the land toward North or East side is beneficial. The North east part of the hospital should be kept open. The South and West directions are beneficial for the construction of hospital building. The center part of the hospital should kept open and clean.

Hospital Direction

The reception room for the patients should be constructed in North or North East direction. The interior arrangement of this room should be done in such a way that patient should be facing North or East directions.

Office of medical specialist should be constructed in South West direction of hospital. Doctor should be seated in South West direction facing North or East side while giving consultancy to the patients. If doctor sits facing East side, patient should sit in his right or if doctor sits facing North side, the patient should sit towards left side of the door. The medical checkup of the patients should be done in such a way that the patient's head should be in South, West or East direction.

Operation theatre is the most important room in the hospital. It should be kept in West. The patient's head should be facing South side when surgery is on and the doctor's face should be either in east or North direction. Surgery should not be performed facing south direction. The implements and the apparatus used for surgery should be kept in South or South East directions.

Vayavya kona is auspicious for the patients. Emergency ward should be kept in Vayavya kona. The patient gets speedy recovery in his/her health if kept in this direction.

Residential rooms for nurses and workers should be constructed in South-East or North West directions. Ct Scan, X rays, ECG, Ultrasound and other electrical machines should be kept in South-East direction.

Intensive care unit should be constructed in Vayavya area of the hospital. The best place for performing the surgery is the West direction in operation theatre. For minor operations North or North East directions is best. West direction is best for psychiatrist and eyes department. The combined departments for eyes, nose and ear can be made in North-East or East directions. OPD where patients take consultancy from the doctor, North and East direction is best. In the case of cardiologist department, the east direction is beneficial, for tuberculosis-East and Vayavya direction is best. For the dispensary, the best place is East and North East direction. Post mortem room should e in South direction as this direction is ruled by death God Yam devata. The electrical apparatus like - X ray, ultrasound machines, CT scan, Radiology, machine should be kept in Agneya direction. Labour room can be constructed in North or East directions. Post surgery room can be made in North or North East direction.

Stairs in Hospitals should also be made in according to the vastu principles. Lift and stairs should be made in West, South or South West area. Stairs and lift should never be made in the center part of the hospital. The spiral of stairs should be clock wise that is the stairs should always bend towards the right. The number of stairs should be uneven.

The arrangement of patient's bed should be made according to the principles of Vastu. The patient should not sleep facing his head towards North side.

As it results, in mental tension, chest pain, congestion and insomnia. The patients get peaceful sound sleep and he/she feels inferable because in this direction magnetic force its complete round and does not interrupt in magnetic vibration influence which gives speedy recovery. West and East directions are also beneficial for keeping the patient's head.

Colours play very important role in our day to day life. A light and sober colour scheme is suitable (appropriate) for the hospital. Like blue, green and white Red, black and gray colours should be avoided in the hospital.

There should not be any vedha or hindrance in the main door of the hospital. Dirty water drain or garbage in front of the main door is not good for the progress and reputation of the hospital, so it should be strictly abandoned.

The hospital should be kept free from the dust. Parking arrangements if kept in North-West, North East direction is beneficial.

To make environment healthy, small plants should be planted in hospital premises.