The Determination of Longevity (Ayu Nirnay)

There are about 32 methods of calculation of longevity according to Parashar rishi. Grahabala and Bhavabala decide which method is to be used for a particular horoscope. (Rahu and ketu are not considered).

Different methods of Calculating Ayu
  • Ansa - Ayu (अंशायु) method is used when lagna is strong.
  • Pind - Ayu (पिंडायु) is used when Sun is strong.
  • Nisarga - Ayu (निसर्गायु) is used when moon is strong.
  • Bhinnashtak varga Ayu (भिन्नाष्टकवर्ग आयु) Mars is strong.
  • Rashmi - Ayurdaya (रश्मि आयुर्दाय) is used when Mercury is strong.
  • Nakshatra Ayu (नक्षत्र आयु) is used when Jupiter is strong.
  • Kalachakra (कालचक्र) Ayurdaya is used when Venus is strong.
  • Sarvashtakvarga Ayu (सर्वाष्टक वर्ग आयु) will be used when Saturn is strong.
  • Jaimini Ayurdaya is the most common method of finding out the Ayu Khanda.
Some other approximate methods of determining longevity
  1. Varayu (वारायु)
    Mansagari gives rough Ayu according to the weekday of birth. However it is not found to be very accurate.
  2. Rashyayu (राश्यायु)
    Mansagari also gives rough Ayu according to the birth sign - this method is also approximate.
  3. Kendrayu (केन्द्रायु)
    The numbers of the signs in Kendras are added and multiplied by 3. Then whichever Kendra has Mars Saturn or Rahu, the number of that rashi are reduced from the product. The resultant gives the Ayu.
  4. Purushakar (पुरुषाकार) Graha Chakra
    After making the shape of a man, the nakshatra in which sun is placed, is written in the head. The other nakshatras are placed according to the chakra. The body part in which birth nakshatra falls, gives the Ayu.
  5. Ayu According to Grahaspashtas
    Longitudes of Sun, Moon Jupiter and Saturn are added and the resultant longitude is noted. When Saturn transits (in transit) that longitude then death is possible, provided the person has reached the age according to his longevity determination and provided the appropriate dasha is in operation.