Analysis of Longevity in Astrology

Five parts of the Appendix
  1. Determination of Ayu khanda
  2. Jeeva ayu
  3. Naisargik Parashari maitri
  4. Balarishta
  5. Some different opinions
(a) Determination of Ayu khanda (More information)
I. Alpa Ayu

Alpa ayu is indicated when the following factors are weak or afflicted.

  • Lagna/lagna lord.
  • Moon/Moon's rashi lord.
  • Fifth house / fifth lord.
  • Ninth house / ninth lord
  • Tenth house / tenth lord.
Alpa Ayu combinations
1. Brihat Parashar Hora shastra
  1. Third lord and Mars or eighth lord and Saturn are conjoined with malefic or are seeing by them or are combust.
  2. Lagna lord is placed in the eighth house conjoined with malefic and unassociated with benefic.
  3. Lagna lord is weak and the kendras are occupied by malefic, unseeing by benefic
  4. Second and twelfth houses are occupied by malefic, unassociated with benefic. e. Lagna lord and eighth lord both are combust or debilitated.
2. Prashna Marga
  • Lagna and Moon are weak.
  • They are conjoined or seeing by malefic.
  • Lagna lord and Moon sign lord are combust.
  • They are placed in sixth eighth or twelfth houses
  • Birth is during an eclipse.
  • Moon or Sun is surrounded by a halo at the time of birth.
  • Birth takes place during an earth quake or at the time of some other natural calamity or some bad omen
  • Birth takes place in rashi sandhi or in mrityubhag (lagna is in mrityubhag).
  • Moon is in Mrityubhag.
  • Moon is placed in the 8th house from lagna and is seeing by malefic.
  • Benefic are placed in 6th or 8th houses and are seeing by retrograde malefic
  • Malefic are in Kendras and trikonas or in the 8th house.

If most of these combinations are present, then they indicate short life.

II. Madhya Ayu

Madhya Ayu is indicated when the following factors are weak or afflicted.

  • Fifth house / fifth lord.
  • Eighth house / eighth lord.
  • Twelfth house / twelfth lord.
Brihat Parashar Hora Shastra

Brihat Parashar Hora Shastra If lagna lord and eighth lord are both debilitated or combust then alpa ayu is indicated, but if they are conjoined or seeing by benefic and malefic both, then madhya ayu is indicated.

If a medium situation is seen after considering all the angles, then it can be considered madhya ayu.

Along with Jaimini ayurdaya if yogayu is also considered, then a correct judgment can be reached.

III. Poorna Ayu (Deerdhayu)

Deerdha ayu is indicated when

  • Lagna and lagna lord are strong.
  • Moon and moon sign lord are strong.
  • Fifth house and fifth lord are strong.
  • Ninth house and Ninth lord are strong
1. Brihat Parashar Hora Shastra
  1. Malefic are in 3, 6, 11th houses, benefic are in Kendras and trikonas and lagna lord is strong.
  2. Benefic are placed in Kendras and lagna lord is also placed with benefic or is seeing by Jupiter.
  3. Lagna lord is in Kendra and is conjoined with benefic or is seeing by them.
  4. Eighth lord or Saturn is placed with an exalted or own sign planet.
  5. Benefic are in 6, 7, 8th house and malefic are in 3, 11th house.
  6. Malefic are in 6th, 12th house, lagna lord is in Kendra and eighth lord is a friend of Sun.
  7. Lagna is dual nature and lagna lord is in own rashi or exalted or placed in Kendra or trikonas.
  8. Lagna is dual nature and two malefic are in Kendras from a strong lagna lord.
  9. Lagna lord is strong and three planets are placed in the eighth house in own sign, friend’s sign or exaltation sign.
2. Prashna Marga
  • Lagna and Moon are strong.
  • Lagna is occupied by benefic and Moon is placed with benefic.
  • Both are seeing by benefic.
  • Benefic are placed in Kendras, trikonas and second and eighth from lagna and Moon.
  • A dignified Jupiter is placed in lagna.
  • Malefic are placed in 3, 6, and 11 from lagna and from Moon.
  • Jupiter and Moon are either placed together or are seeing each other.
  • Lagna lord is placed in Kendra.
  • Lord of Moon sign is strong.
  • Lagna lord is placed in the 11th from .lagna.

If most of these combinations are present then deerdha ayu is indicated. If there is a mixture of good and bad yogas, then prediction should be given after judging the intensity and strength of the yogas.

3. Generally, speaking, if lagna lord, eighth lord and tenth lord - all are placed in Kendras and trikonas it shows deerdha ayu.

(b) Jeeva Ayu

Jeeva ayu method was created by author of this article. This method is applied when lagna, Sun and Moon all are weak.

Jeeva ayu is exactly like Pinda ayu. The only difference is that Jeeva Sharma considers the full life span to be of 120 years and 5 days. He divides it equally among all the 7 planets and each planet at its highest exaltation degree provides.

120yrs 5 days ÷7 = 17 yrs - 1month - 22 days = 8 ghatis and 34 palas

Rest of the method is the same as Pinda ayu. Four reductions (harans) are carried out namely –

  • Chakrapath haran
  • Astangat haran
  • Shatru kshetra haran
  • Krurodaya haran

Lagna ayu is also calculated like Pindayu.

(c) Naisargik Parashari Maitri (For Shatrukshetra haran)

It must be remembered that maitri is one sided. It is not necessary that the other planet reciprocates in the same manner.

Eg. Moon considers Saturn to be neutral but Saturn considers Moon to be his enemy. If Moon is placed in Saturn's rashi there will be no Shatru kshetra haran. If Saturn is placed in Moon's rashi, haran will be applied.

Naisargik Maitri (Parashari)
Planets Friends Naturals Enemies
Sun Moon, Mars, Jupiter Mercury Venus, Saturn
Moon Sun, Mercury Mars, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn
Mars Sun, Moon, Jupiter Venus, Saturn Mercury
Mercury Sun, Venus Mars, Jupiter, Saturn Moon
Jupiter Sun, Moon, Mars Saturn Mercury, Venus
Venus Mercury, Saturn Mars, Jupiter Sun, Moon
Saturn Mercury, Venus Jupiter Sun, Moon, Mars
(d) Balarishta

7 main conditions - (Phaladeepika)

  1. Malefic in Kendras and in 8th house.
  2. Malefic in lagna and in 8th house.
  3. Malefic in lagna and in 7th house.
  4. Lagna / Moon in Papakartari.
  5. Weak Moon in 6, 8, 12th house.
  6. Weak Moon in 1, 5, 7, 9th house with malefic.
  7. malefic in 7th and 8th house.

Protection will be there if benefic influence is the there on these factors.

(e) Some Different Opinions
  1. For Parashar hora lagna in Jaimini ayurdaya, many astrologers add the resultant signs and degrees obtained to the longitude of Sun irrespective of whether the lagna is odd or even.
  2. For Krurodaya haran in Pinda ayu, some astrologers consider the years given by the qruel planet alone, while some others consider the years given by all the planets. This book has taken the years given by all the planets.