Methods of Determining Longevity

Varayu - वारायुर्ज्ञान

Mansagari has given longevity according to the weekday of birth. This method is not found to be very accurate.

Weekday of Birth Longevity
Sunday 60 years
Monday 84 years
Tuesday 74 years
Wednesday 64 years
Thursday 84 years
Friday 60 years
Saturday 100 years

Taking our previous example of Smt. Indira Gandhi- She was born on Monday. According to Varayu method, a person who is born on Monday lives for 84 years, so her longevity should have been 84 yrs.

Rashyayu - राश्यायु

Mansagari also gives Rashyayu for birth in different Rashis (Moon signs).

Aries 75 years - 2 months - 15 ghati 15 pal
Taurus 85 years- 6 months- 7 days
Gemini 85 years
Cancer 70 years - 5 months - 3 days
Leo 65 years
Virgo 84 years
Libra 85 years
Scorpio 75 years -2 months - 7 days
Sagittarius 85 years
Capricorn 81 years
Aquarius 61 years
Pisces 61 years
Smt. Indira Gandhi's Rashi was Capricorn. Results of Capricorn.
Results of birth in Capricorn Rashi

Troublesome periods - 1, 3 months, 3, 5, 7, 10, 32, 33, 43, 51 years. If there is aspect of benefics, then there can be death at 61 years due to deva dasha. Crossing this, the person livs up to 81 years. He leaves his body on kartik shukla paksha ashtami on Friday in shravan nakshatra.

According to Rashyayu method her longevity should have been 81 years.

Rashi Dhruvanka Method

Rashi Mana has been fixed for each rashi. This is as follows:

Aries 10
Taurus 6
Gemini 20
Cancer 5
Leo 8
Virgo 2
Libra 20
Scorpio 6
Sagittarius 10
Capricorn 14
Aquarius 3
Pisces 3

Dhruvanka of each planet will be the same as the 'mana' of the rashi in which he is placed. The Sum total of the Dhruvanka of all the planets will show the longevity.

Indira Gandhi
Planets Rashi Dhruvanka
Sun Scorpio 6
Moon Capricorn 14
Mars Leo 8
Mercury Scorpio 6
Jupiter Taurus 6
Venus Sagittarius 10
Saturn Cancer 5
Rahu Sagittarius 10
Total 85

The Sum total of Dhruvanka of all the planets is 85. Her age should have been 85 accord-ing to this method

Kendrayu – (केन्द्रायु)
  1. Note the numbers of the rashis placed in Kendras from lagna.
  2. Add the four numbers, and multiply the sum by 3.
  3. If Saturn Mars or Rahu are placed in any one of the kendras, then reduce the number of that kendra from the product. The remaining number will be the ayu.
Indira Gandhi

Kendras =
• 4+7+10+1=22
• 22x3=66<
Saturn is in Lagna so reduce 4
66-4 = 62 years.


Shri Nemichand Shastri has given a slightly different method.

The Fixed Mana of the 7 planets
Sun 1
Moon 2
Mars 3
Mercury 4
Jupiter 5
Venus 6
Saturn 7
Rahu 8
Ketu 9
  1. Find the total mana of all the four kendras.
  2. Find the total mana of all the trikonas (5H, 9H).
  3. Find the total mana of the planets placed in the kendras.
  4. Find the total mana of the planets placed in the trikonas.
  5. Add the total Mana of the kendras, Trikonas and Planets in the kendras and the trikonas.
    • Multiply the sum total by 12 and divide the product by 10.
    • Deduct 12 from the result obtained by the above calculation that will be the Ayu of the person
Indira Gandhi
  • Total of Kendras: 4+7+10+1=22
  • Total of Trikonas: 8+12 = 20
  • Total of the planets in kendras:
    Saturn = 7
    Moon = 2 (Saturn+Moon = 9)
  • Total of the planets in Trikonas :
    Sun = 1
    Mercury =4 (Sun +Mercury =5)
  • Sum total of the kendras Trikonas and the planets placed in them.
    Kendras = 22
    Trikonas = 20
    Planets in Kendras = 9
    Planets in Trikonas = 5
    Total = 56
  • 56x12/10 = 67 yrs , 2 months , 12 days
    = 67 yrs , 2 months , 12 days - 12yrs
    = 55 yrs, 2 month, 12 days.

The Ayu comes out as = 55 yrs, 2 months, 12 days.

Purushakar Graha Chakra Method
नराकार ग्रह चक्र

A Chakra is made in the shape of a man. The nakshatra in which sun is placed, is written on the head and the remaining nakshatras are filled in according to the chakra.

The body part in which the Jantra Nakshatra falls indicates the Ayu.

How to place the nakshatras in the Chakra:

The nakshatra in which Sun is will be in the head-

Head 3 nakshatras
Mouth 3 nakshatras
Both shoulders 2 nakshatras, one on each side.
Both Arms 2 nakshatras, one on each side.
Heart 5 nakshatras
Both hands 2 nakshatras
Naval 1 nakshatra
Anus 1 nakshatra
Both knees 2 nakshatras
Feet 6 nakshatras

If Janma Nakshatra falls in:

Body Part Ayu
Head 100 yrs.
Mouth 80 yrs.
Shoulders 80 yrs.
Hands 77 yrs.
Arms 77 yrs.
Heart 68 yrs.
Naval 68 yrs.
Anus 60 yrs.
Knees 8 yrs.
Feet 6 yrs.
  • Indira Gandhi's Sun was in Anuradha Nakshatra.
  • Her Janma Nakshatra was uttar Ashadha.
  • Uttar Ashadha falls in the mouth. According to this method her Ayu should have been 80 yrs.
Graha Spashta Method

Add the longitudes of Sun, Moon, Jupiter and Saturn. This will give a certain longitude. When Saturn transits this longitude, the persons life will come to an end.


Transit comes only at the final Stage. Before applying transit one should assess:

  1. The Ayu khanda in which the persons life falls.
  2. The dasha Antardasha

Normally this transit of Saturn can come only three times in a persons life because Saturn completes one round of Rashi Chakra in 30 years.

If the person's life falls in Alpa-ayu khanda and the Dasha Antardasha is also unfavourable, then Saturn is transit will end his life in the first round itself.

If his life falls in Madhya ayu khanda then this will happen in Saturn's second round and if longevity is poorna-ayu, then in the third round, or even in the fourth round if the person is very long lived.


Sun          7S 04° 07'
Moon       9S 05° 37'
Jupiter      1S 15° 00'
Saturn      3S 21° 47'
                21S 16° 31'
                 9S 16° 31'

At the time of Indira Gandhi's death, Saturn was transitory in Libra at 24°09'. He was not transiting over the calculated degree which was 16°31' in Capricorn. How ever, he was closely aspecting the lord of that degree. (Natal Saturn)