Kind of Death in Astrology

Many Astrological classics accept that the manner of death can be known from eighth house and the planet placed in the eighth house.

मृत्युर्मृत्युगृहेक्षणेन बलिभिस्तद्धातुकोपोद्धवः
स्तत्संयुक्तभगात्रजो बहुभवो वीर्यान्वितैर्भूरिभि: |
अग्न्यम्ब्वायुधजो ज्वराभयकृतस्तृट् क्षुत्कृतश्वाष्टमे
सूर्याद्यैर्निधने चरादिषु परस्वाध्वप्रदेशेष्विति ||
  1. If no planet is placed in the eighth house and no planet aspect it, then the death will be due to the nature of the eighth lord. If eighth lord is:
8 L (Tridosha) (वात - पित्त - कफ)
Sun Bile
Moon Wind and Phlegm
Mars Bile
Mercury Bile Wind Phlegm
Jupiter Phlegm
Venus Wind and Phlegm
Saturn Wind
  • Vata - wind, pitta- heat and bile, kaff-phlegm are the Tridoshas of Ayurveda.
  • Death will be caused because of inflammation of the concerned 'Tridosha'.
  1. If planets occupy or aspect the eighth house. The strongest of them will cause disease according to what he represents.
    Sun - Represents fire, therefore-Fever.
    Moon - Represents water, therefore watery diseases like diarrhea, dysentery, blood impurities, drowning etc.
    Mars - Causes accidents, injury due to weapons, epidemics like Cholera plague etc.
    Mercury - Causes fever of brain, or small pox.
    Jupiter - By an ailment not accurately ascertained.
    Venus - Causes death due to thirst by excessive drinks.
    Saturn - Causes death due to starvation or excessive eating.

If two or more planets occupy the eighth house, then there may be two or more diseases.

If Rashi in eighth house is char the death may take place far from home. If it is fixed sign the death may take place at home. If it is dual nature- then the death may take place near his home. (Hospital?)

In Indira Gandhi's case there is a fixed sign in the eighth house and she died at home. However this cannot be taken as a thumb rule.

There are a lot of different combinations for death in different conditions given in various classics, but the guidance given above is sufficient. The list of diseases represented by the planets can be expanded according to the significations of the planets and according to the nature of the signs in which they are placed. This needs to be researched.

Death can also be due to other reasons apart from diseases. These can be accidents, injuries, assassinations, suicide or even Samadhi. These can also be understood by the significations of the planets and the signs connected with the eighth house and according to the dasha operating at the time of death.