Parameters to Calculate Age Period (Ayu Khand)

पूर्व कर्मफलं भोक्तुं जानतोर्यदिह जीवनम |
आयुस्तत्ककर्मशक्तयास्य धीर्धमध्यात्मकतादिकम ||

All living beings take a new birth to enjoy or suffer the result the karmas of their past lives. Depending on their past karmas their longevity is - LONG-MEDIUM-SHORT.

Yogas in the horoscope, show the person's 'Poor va karma and these 'Yogas' connect the person with his 'karma'.

There are basically two kinds of longevity.
  1. Yogayu - Provided by the yogas in the horoscope.
  2. Dashayu - Provided by the dashas in the horoscope.
  • Some Astrologers consider Balarishta up to 8 yrs and yogarishta from 8-20 yrs.
  • For Sadhyorishta, Balarishta and Deerdhayu over 100 years, mathematical calculation of Ayu is unnecessary.
Approximate Determination of the Ayu Khanda

I. The position of the planets in the horoscope gives some idea about the Ayu Khanda of the person.

Poorna Ayu
  1. If the following houses and planets are strong and well placed and are well seeing, it is an indication of Poorna Ayu.
    • Lagna and Lagna lord.
    • Moon and moon sign lord.
    • Eighth house and eighth house lord.
    • Third house and third house lord.
    • Ayushkarak Saturn.
    • If benefice are placed in Kendras (Angular houses) and trikonas (trian houses).
    • And malefics are placed in upachayas.
    • And eighth and twelfth houses are vacant and are free from malefic influence.
    • And lagna lord is stronger than eighth lord.

Then it is also an indication of poorna ayu (complete age).

Alpa Ayu (Short Age)
  1. If the 5 factors mentioned in (1) are devoid of strength and are ill placed, it shows ALPAAyu (Short Age).
  2. If benefic are placed in Trik bhava and malefic are in the Kendras and Trikonas, and Lagnesh (Ascendant) is weaker than the eighth lord, then ALPA Ayu (Short Age) is possible. This will be even more so, if moon is also afflicted in the trik bhavas.


  • When all the malefic including eighth lord and excluding Lagna lord are in:
    • Apoklim - it shows Poorna Ayu.
    • Panphar - it shows Madhya Ayu.
    • Kendras - it shows Alpa Ayu.
  • When all the Benefic including Lagna lord are in:
    • Kendras - it shows Poorna Ayu.
    • Panphar - it shows Madhya Ayu.
    • Apoklim - it shows Alpa Ayu.
Prashna Marga Method
No. Consider 4 Sets Alpa-ayu Madhya-Ayu Poorna-Ayu
  • Lagna Lord
  • Eighth Lord
Both Enemies Both Neutral Both Friends
  • Lord of Moon Sign
  • 8th Lord from Moon
Both Enemies Both Neutral Both Friends
  • Moon's Navamsa Lord
  • Lord of 64th Navamsa from Moon
Both Enemies Both Neutral Both Friends
  • Lagna Lord
  • Sun
Both Enemies Both Neutral Both Friends
लग्न जन्मपयोः शत्रू निजाष्टमपती यदि |
समौ वा यदि वा बंधू स्वल्पमध्यचिरायुषः ||

Accordingly as Lords of Lagna and eighth therefrom, and lords of chandra and eighth there-from, are mutually inimical, neutral or friendly, the length of life will be Alpa-Madhya or Poorna.

चन्द्रांशेशस्य तद्भूषा नवांशेशोथवा रवेः |
लग्नेशो वापि यद्येवं स्वल्पमध्यचिरायुषः ||

If lord of the Chandra navamsa is inimical, neutral or friendly to the Lord of the 64th navamsa there from, the longevity of the person will be short, medium or full. The Sun and Lord of lagna should be similarly reckoned.