What is Gandmool (Gandanta Birth)?

The junction points of Pisces- Aries, Cancer-Leo, and Scorpio - Sagittarius, signs are called Gandanta. If a child's natal moon is in Gandanta, then it is adverse either for himself or for his family members. Six nakshatras (constellations) fall under this category, and they are called the 'Ganda Moola' nakshatras (constellations) or simply the 'Moola' nakshatras (constellations).

These six nakshatras (constilations) are:
  1. Revati
  2. Ashwini
  3. Ashlesha
  4. Magha
  5. Jyeshta
  6. Moola

If a child's Moon is placed in 'Gandanta', then 27 days after birth, when Moon re-enters that nakshatras, 'Moola Shanti' must be performed according to the proper SHASTRIYA method, mentioned in 'Brihat Parashar Flora Shastra'. This helps in neutralizing the dosha and promotes good health and longevity.

To be more specific, the four ghatis of the conjunction point (sandhi) of the nakshatras (constilations) Revati - Ashwini, Ashlesha- Magha and Jyeshta- Moola, denoted by the last two ghatis of the first and the first two ghatis of the second nakshatra are Nakshatra Gandanta.

  • Revati-last 2 ghatis & Ashwini-First 2 ghatis is Gandanta
  • Ashlesha - Last 2 ghatis & Magha - First 2 ghatis is Gandanta
  • Jyeshta - Last 2 ghatis & Moola - First 2 ghatis is Gandanta.

The most crucial part is the actual Ganda the last and the first degrees of these junction points. It is also known as the Lagna Gandanta (1 ghati)

Results of a Birth in Gandanta

If a child is born in Gandanta, then normally it is adverse (bad) for himself or for his immediate family.

  • Results of Moon in Ashwini
    • In the 1st Pada - Harmful for father.
    • In the 2nd Pada - good for comforts and happiness.
    • In the 3rd Pada - High position.
    • In the 4th Pada - Honored by the government.
    • Apart from the first Pada the remaining padas are alright.
  • Results of Moon in Ashlesha
    • The first Pada - If shanti is done, all will be well.
    • The second Pada - Bad for wealth.
    • The third Pada - Bad for mother.
    • The fourth Pada- Bad for father.
  • Results of Moon in Magha
    • The first Pada - Bad for Mother
    • The second Pada - Bad for Father
    • The third Pada - good.
    • The fourth Pada- Good for money and education.
  • Results of Moon in Jyeshta
    • The first Pada - Bad for elder brother
    • The second Pada - Bad for younger brother
    • The third Pada - Bad for mother.
    • The fourth Pada- Bad for himself.
Another View
Divide the 13°20' of Jyeshta into 10 parts. If the birth is in:
  • 1st part - bad for maternal grandmother (Some authors’ claim that the first part is bad for maternal grandfather and second part is bad for maternal grandmother).
  • 2nd part - bad for maternal grandfather.
  • 3rd part - for maternal uncle
  • 4th part - for mother
  • 5th part - for himself.
  • 6th part - for the family.
  • 7th part - Relations of the parents.
  • 8th part - elder brother.
  • 9th part -father in-law. 10th part- everyone.
  • Jyeshta is one of the worst Gandanta.
  • Results of Moon in Moola
    • The First Pada - Affects the life of father
    • The Second Pada - Bad for mother.
    • The third Pada - Loss of property.
    • The fourth Pada- Good. The child will have health wealth, happiness, power of speech, favour from government, but he will have a tendency to be a source of distress to his family. If Shanti is done it will ensure good results.

The last one ghati of Jyeshta and the first one ghati of Moola is especially dangerous it is called Abhuktamoola. The shastras suggest that the father should keep away from the child for 8 years. If it is not possible, then at least for six months, and he should see the child only after proper shanti has been done. Abhuktamoola is very dangerous for the father. I have myself seen this in many cases.

  • Results of Moon in Revati

    The first 3 padas of Revati are free from affliction the last Pada is bad for the child.

Apart from Nakshatra Gandanta, there is also Rashi and Tithi Gandanta. The Rashi Gandarita affects the child's family, and Tithi Gandanta affects the parents of the child.

When a child is born, the first thing an Astrologer should look for is, whether it is a Gandanta birth! If it is so, then he should immediately prescribe Moola shanti, according to the birth nakshatra. For the shanties one can refer to Brihat Parashar Flora Shastra of Parashar - Rishi.