Strong Room

According to Vastu Shastra, the ideal place for keeping wealth is the North direction. Lord of North is Kubera who is the treasurer of goddess Lakshmi the goddess of wealth. Having the strong room in the North promises continuous inflow of wealth and prosperity. The locker Almirah must be placed in the South-West in such a way that their doors open towards North.

The cupboard or the safe in which money and jewellery is to be kept should be placed touching the Southern wall in the room in the North direction. The cupboard should open in the North direction which is auspicious for inflow of money.

Strong Room
Strong Room

Keeping money and jewellery in the Northeast and East is also auspicious. Financial paucity is not felt in this situation because money keeps flowing in.

If money and jewellery is kept in Southeast corner, it is not beneficial because it can bring about a situation of loans and indebtedness.

Keeping money or other valuables in the South direction, facing South is most inauspicious. Yama and evil spirits reside in the South and they take away all the money, so the back of the cupboard or the safe should be towards the South.

Keeping money in Nairritya (Southwest corner) promises wealth in a steady manner, but the money has some blemish. It may come through unlawful means.

Keeping money in the West direction is mediocre from the point of prosperity. Money is earned with difficulty despite cooperation and help from all quarters. Financial situation keeps on fluctuating with time.

Keeping money in the Vayavya (Northwest) direction is inauspicious. The expense is more than the income, the person's budget goes haywire and he is always loaded with debt.

If for some reason it is not possible to keep money and jewellery in the North, then the cupboard or the safe can be in any room, touching the Southern wall and opening Northwards. It can even be kept in the West. The safe or the cupboard should not be kept under the stairs or in front of a bathroom.

The room in which the safe is kept should be kept neat and tidy and free from useless clutter. This curtails prosperity and keeps the money situation under constraints.

In the strong room, the safe should be kept 1 inch away from the Southern wall. The safe should not be kept on a platform. It should be kept on the floor on its own legs.

The best position of the strong room door is in the Northern or the Eastern wall. In this situation the safe should not be kept facing or near the North door. The door should not be in the South-East, Southwest, North-West or in South and West directions. There should be only one door in the strong room and it should have two planks. The colour of the strong room should be light green or cream.