Direction-Planet, Correlation, their Defects and Remedies

The fundamental base of vastu shastra is Jyotish shastra. The planets influence human life in beneficial or harmful manner. Similarly the planets also influence the different directions and subsequently also Influence the persons residing in those direction either beneficially or harmfully. North - east is considered to be the most auspicious region of the house or building because it is ruled by God Himself. Jupiter is the lord of this direction.

Fault related to Directions

Defects of the East direction

Lord Indra rules the East direction and Sun represents the East. Sun plays an important role in the creation of the universe. Solar Energy is responsible for creating, sustaining and destroying all life forms. Sun is the representative of the combined Trimurti of Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh. A house which has a large main door and large windows which usher in sunlight and which does not have an afflicted East direction, is an auspicious house. It bestows good health, name, fame, honour, status, prosperity, courage and valour upon the residents. However, if there are heaps of garbage, stones, mud and filth in the East direction then it harms the children.

It also affects the happiness from children. There may be no male child or there could be a handicapped child. It can even deprive the person of happiness from the father. The other effects can be trouble in the eyes, blood pressure, headache, ailments related to the head, paralysis or breaking of bones. It also causes financial problems and debts. With the result there is no peace of mind and materialistic and spiritual development is curtailed.


• Install a Surya Yantra
• Install a Surya Yantra
• Sun represents the East. East direction is the face of the Kalpurush, so a Surya yantra should be talled on the Eastern door and a Vastu mangalkari toran should also be hanged on this door
• Recite Aditya Hridaya Stotra
• Dig a well or make a water tank or have a tap in the East

Defects of the West direction

Lord of the West is Varuna and his Ayudha is Paasha. Saturn represents the West direction. Saturn is Kal personified. He represents misfortune and good fortune both. Saturn is the judge who weighs the person's Karmas and gives the karma phal without any emotion or hesitation. He also assists people in exhausting their karmas and moving ahead on their path to enlightenment. He makes people go through hardship and gradually improves them. He is a teacher who teaches the lessons of life. West direction is the seventh house of the kalpurush, which represents marital happiness, partnership in profession, progress in profession, legal matters, reproductive organs and private parts. If the waste water or the rain water of the house goes out through the west, then the men of the family suffer from chronic diseases. Defect in the West produces impotency, feet related diseases, leprosy, spinal trouble, arthritis, neurological and windy complaints. If there are cracks in the West then the owner suffers from sexual diseases and his earning is disorganised. If the kitchen or a fire place is in the West it produces ailments related to pitta, heat and moles. If the main door is in the East and the place is absolutely clean and stones, rocks, and mud are in the West, then the owner's income will be good.


• Install Varuna Yantra in the house to rectify defects of West direction
• Fast on Saturdays
• Offer water to Khejari tree on Saturday. The tree should be watered well
• Recite Shani stotra in front of Shani yantra
• Raise the Western boundary wall and plant a large tree in the West

Defects of the North direction

Lord of the North is kubera. His ayudha is Gada. Mercury represents North direction. Mercury behaves like the planet he is placed with. If he is placed with benefic planets, he will behave like a benefic. If he is placed with malefic planets, he will behave like a malefic. North direction represents Kalpurush's chest and heart. It represents the fourth house of the horoscope. This direction tells us about the person's mother. If the North direction if left vacant, it is beneficial for the mother's family. If the North direction is free from any defects, then it is beneficial for the person's educational, intellectual and mental development. He develops the intelligence of an inventor of various types of concepts and ideas. He can even be a good poet. His Sukha Sthan or house is in good condition. He has the comfort of having good servants, good friends and all home comforts. If the North direction has defects, then the owner's fourth house will be afflicted. In this situation there will be lack of home comforts like servants. There will be house related problems and lack of happiness from mother. Apart from this he may suffer from ailments like hernia, heart trouble, skin diseases, gall bladder disease, madness, cholera, lungs and blood related diseases.


• Place Budha yantra in the pooja
• Paint the walls of the house with green colour
• Have a call bell of parrot sound
• Recite Shri Sukta in front of Margaj Shri Yantra

Defects of the South direction

The lord of South direction is Yama and his ayudha is danda. The planet representing South is Mars. Mars is the driving force of all the life sustaining systems of the world. It is a special life giving force. It gives life to all the living organisms and human beings, and also gives them courage, valour, drive, tolerance, excitement and energy. On the negative siae it gives physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, excitement, aggressiveness and intolerance. South direction represents the left side of the kalpurush's chest, left lung and kidneys. It also represents the tenth house of the horoscope. If there is a well, crack, garbage, dump or old rubbish in the South, it produces heart trouble, joint pain, lack of blood and jaundice etc.

A well or water in the South can give an accidental death. If the Southern door faces the Nairritya then it can give chronic diseases and sudden death. Defect in the South also produces miscarriages and menstrual disorders in women, blood impurities, high blood pressure, piles, accidents, boils and diseases related to bone marrow and ulcers. It can also harm the service or business and give social defamation, lack of happiness from father and lack of success in government related jobs.


• Install a Mangal Yantra on the South door
• Install a statue or a picture of Ganapati with Dakshinavarti trunk on both sides of the door
• Hang a Vastu mangalkari toran on the door
• Worship Bhairavaji or Hanumanji
• Worship Ganesh ji
• Keep the out flow of water from the South facing house towards the North

Defect of the Ishan Direction

Lord of the Ishan is Rudra and his ayudha is a trident or trishool. Jupiter represents Ishan. Jupiter is a great benefic. He is God's blessings. Jupiter is especially auspicious for people who are keen to develop their spirituality. Jupiter is a satwik planet who increases and expands everything related to it. Jupiter is sthool. For this reason he represents a son who signifies continuation of the lineage. Being large he represents elder brother. Also being large, he represents a woman's husband. In the horoscope Ishan signifies the second and the third houses. Because this direction is extremely auspicious, it needs to be protected. If Ishan is defective then it creates lack of interest in pooja, lack of respect for elders and brahmins, lack of money and lack of happiness from children. It also causes diseases like liver or spleen disorders, diabetes and even dreadful diseases like cancer. A kitchen in the Northeast produces cough, acidity, indigestion, diseases of intestines and stomach problems.


• Maintain purity of Northeast
• Light a neon bulb in this direction
• Worship Vishnu ji
• Recite Vishnu Sahastranam stotra
• Recite Shri Sukta in front of a metallic Shri Yantra
• Perform Japa of the Beej Mantra of Jupiter in front of Guru Yantra

Defect of Vayavya Direction

The lord of Vayavya direction is Vayu and his ayudha is ankush. Moon represents this direction. Moon can be benefic or malefic and he can be active or inactive. When Moon is benefic the person has a good reputation and achieves name, fame and honour. He has an excellent mental development. His family life is happy and he also gets happiness from his mother. He extensively travels within and outside the country. He becomes learned, famous, magnificent and honourable. He is honoured by the government. But if Moon is malefic then the person's mind is prone to insanity, mental instability and foolishness. He suffers humiliation and rejection everywhere. Fifth and Sixth house of the horoscope are represented by Vayavya kona, so Vayavya is capable of giving friends and enemies. With a defective vayavya the person can suffer from gas in the stomach, heart burn, skin problems, mental ailments and anger. He also has many enemies. If vayavya is free from defects then he will have many friends who are beneficial for him.

Extension of vayavya and Agneya is responsible for incidents of fire in many houses. If the level of the verandas or balcony in vayavya is lower than that of the Ishan, it can produce many enemies. The women remain apprehensive and sickly. Defective vayavya can also cause diseases related to heart, lungs, chest, cough, cold, pneumonia, appendicitis, diarrhoea and female problems like menstrual irregularity, etc.


• Affix Chandra yantra in the house to correct the defect of direction
• Install a white Ganapati on both sides of the door (front and back) alongwith Shri yantra containing silver
• Paint the walls with cream colour
• Fast on Mondays
• Worship sphatik Shiva linga by slowly pouring milk over it

Defects of the Agneya Direction

Lord of the Agneya is Ganeshji and his ayudha is shakti. Venus represents this direction. Venus controls mutual friendship and mutual attraction. A person under the influence of Venus is attractive, loving, friendly & generous. Venus is connected to beauty, perfumes, physical pleasure and enjoyment. He also represents art, music, materialistic enjoyment and luxury. The main aim of Venus is to create life and continue. procreation in nature. Therefore he represents the sexual desire and the sexual act. In this manner he fulfils his aim of procreation. The condition of Venus tells us about the person's wife, marital happiness, sexual virility, potency, domestic happiness and worldly pleasures.

He represents the left eye, left arm and knees of the Kalpurush. Agneya influences the eleventh and twelfth house of the horoscope. Defect in Agneya deprives the person of marital happiness, bed pleasures and enjoyments. It can also create impotency, diabetes, deafness and dumbness. Apart from this, it can cause diseases related to chest region, reproductive organs, urinary tract, spleen and sexual disorders.


• Install a green coloured Vastu dosha Nashak Ganapati on the front and back side of the door
• Recite Shri Sukta in front of a Crystal Sri yantra
• Chant Beej mantra of Venus in front of Shukra Yantra

Defects of the Nairritya Direction

Rahu controls the Nairritya. He is a very powerful shadowy planet. There is really no remedy for the ill effects of Rahu. It is not easy to propitiate him with Griha shanti only. It is only possible to co-operate with him with wisdom and intelligence and get the best out of him. He represents both heels and Baithak of the Kalpurush. The eighth and the ninth house of the horoscope are controlled by Nairritya. If there is an open space, depression, pit, thorny tree or source of water in the Nairritya, then the owner remains sickly. His longevity is curtailed, he is harmed by his enemies and deprived of prosperity. If water of the Nairritya flows out of the drains in the South, then it harms the women. If it flows out through the drains in the West, then it harms the men of the house. A defective Nairritya causes sudden accidents, fires and untoward incidents like suicide. The family members can suffer from diseases related to skin, leprosy, infectious diseases, hydrocoele and nervous problems.


• Install a Rahu yantra in the pooja place and worship it.
• Install a brown or multicoloured ganapati on the main door.
• Chant Beej mantra for Rahu and recite Rahu stotra.

Use of Siddha Ganapati for Vastu Dosha Nivaran

Based on fourteen Maha Vidyas fourteen types of images and idols of Ganapati have been created. These are described as -

Santan Ganapati

The couple is blessed with a child within one year, when santan Ganpati is installed on the main door after proper invocation with mantras recited with faith and devotion, in an auspicious muhurta.

Vighna Harta Ganapati

If a family always suffers because of hurdles and obstructions (Vighna and Badha), quarrels among its members and is full of mental tension, then a lot of relief can be got if Vighna Harta Ganapati is installed on the main door after proper invocation.

Vidya Pradayak Ganapati

If the children of the house are ill behaved, indisciplined and uncontrolled or if they are not inclined towards studies or if they cannot retain knowledge despite serious efforts, then the house owner should install a Vidya Pradayak Ganapati idol or statue on the main door after proper invocation in an auspicious muhurta.

Vivah Vinayak

Sometimes there is a delay in the marriage of grown up children of marriageable age. Sometimes the delay is because of mangal dosha. In these situations vivah vinayak Ganapati should be installed on the main door.

Dhanadayak Ganapati

The people who don't get full benefit of their efforts and who cannot prosper, should install 'Dhan Dayak Ganapati' in their homes.

Chinta Nashak Ganapati

People who always remain worried and tense because of some reason or the other, should install chinta nashak Ganapati in their houses.

Siddhi Dayak Ganapati

For achieving success in all endeavours, statue of siddhi dayak Ganapati should be installed.

Anand Dayak Ganapati

For abundance of love and happiness in the house, a statue of Anand Dayak Ganapati should be installed in the house.

Vijay Siddhi Ganapati

For winning a court case or for defeating the enemies, Vijay siddhi Ganapati should be installed.

Rina Mochan Ganapati

For gaining freedom from debts, a statue of Rina Mochan Ganpati should be installed.

Roga nashak Ganapati

For destruction of all types of diseases and for gain of good health, the idol of Roga nashak Ganapati should be installed.

Netritva Shakti vikasak Ganapati

Netritva Shakti Vikasak Ganapati should be installed by people desirous of becoming a leader, actor, minister or M.P. etc. The same should be done by people wanting to attain a high government position and high status in politics.

Sopari Ganapati

Enhancement of Indian spirituality can be achieved by worshipping sopari Ganapati by mantras.

Shatru Hanta Ganapati

This statue of Ganapati is made with many colours. By installing it on the door of the bedroom, happiness and bed pleasures can be achieved.

Some Ancient Yantras for correcting the Vastu Defects
Maruti Yantra

Maruti Yantra is very effective in protecting the vehicle. This is the yantra of Hanuman ji, the son of Maruti. It can also be used to solve the problem of disputed land and its subsequent sale for a good price.

Om han Hanumate Namah.
Kali Yantra

This is the yantra of Mahakali which is installed on the furnace, boiler, transformer and generator of an industrial factory, so that the supply and use of fire remains controlled and balanced in the factory. This yantra removes the ill effects of Saturn. This yantra is also used for Vashikaran and Sammohan. It gives protection from black magic. It also gives protection from blood pressure, paralysis and from incurable neurological diseases.

Om Kreeng Kalikayai Namah.
Surya Yantra

This Yantra is worshipped to ward off the agonies caused by the Sun. In our country, it is in vogue to cast the Panchadashi Surya Yantra on safe vault on the day of Deepawali right from the ancient times. On it, digits from 1 to 9 are written in such a way that if added, they make 15 from every side. It has been mentioned in the scriptures as to which digit should be written where in Yantras of nine squares. According to Garga and other Rishis like him, one can be free from ailments if he worships these Yantras. People with weak Sun in their horoscopes, who repeatedly face problems from the government will benefit by reciting Surya Mantra in front of the Surya Yantra daily.

Om hrang hreeng hraung sah suryay Namah.
Vastu Yantra

If there are vastu faults in any structure and it is posing problems to the native then it is suggested to worship this yantra. This yantra is installed for rectifying all kinds of vastu doshas and for ensuring prosperity and happiness. It is an extremely useful yantra.

Om Vastupurushay Namah
Kritya Nashak Vastu Yantra

Kritya Nashak Vastu Yantra is meant for getting rid of the problems posed by the opponents and enemies. If an enemy has gained control of your house, then installing this yantra helps.

Dwar Dosha Nashak Toran

This yantra is installed for the rectification of Vastu dosha in doors. This is a special type of Toran which destroys the doshas related to the door and protects the house from troubles from outside.

Varuna Yantra

If the well, borewell, tank or tap has been made in Agneya or in other wrong direction, then this fault can be rectified by installing a varun yantra in that place.

Matsya Yantra

This yantra is also called Badha mukti yantra. It drives away all the hurdles and troubles from the house and protects the house from black magic etc.

Om Kleeng Matsya Rupay
Maha Mrityunjaya Yantra

This is the yantra of Shivji. Worshipping this yantra improves health. When a doctor is unable to save a patient then Mahamrityunjaya Mantra is chanted in front of this yantra to protect him.

Om Trayambakam Yajamahe Sugandhimpushtivardhanam
Urwarukmivbandhanaan Mrityormuksheey Maaritaat
Kuber Yantra

Kuber is considered to be the treasurer of Goddess Lakshmi. If a family is facing financial crisis, debts and poverty, then members of such a family should worship kuber yantra to attain money, prosperity and happiness.

Om Kuberay Namah
Sukh Samriddhi Yantra

If members of a family do not have good relationship with each other and there is no peace and happiness in the family then they should chant mantras of Lakshmi ji and Ganesh Ji in front of Sukha Samriddhi yantra. This will bring about peace, harmony, and happiness in the family.

Om Mangal Murtaye Namah.
Prem Vriddhi Yantra

This yantra promotes marital compatibility and conjugal happiness between husband and wife. This is suitable for a couple who are not on good terms with each other. They should chant the following mantra in front of Prema Vriddhi yantra. This will definitely improve their relationship.

Kleeng Kamdevay Namah.
Santan Gopal Yantra

If a couple is facing various types of hurdles in having children, then they should regularly recite Santan Gopal stotra in front of the Santan Gopal Yantra. They will be blessed with an illustrious and long lived offspring.

Om Kleeng Shrreng hreeng jeeng Om Bhurhhuvah Swah
Om Devaki Sut Govindam Vasudev Jagatpate Dehi Mey Tanayam
Krishan Twamaham Sharanam Gatah Om Om Swah
Bhuvah Bhuh Geeng hreeng Shreeng Tweeng Om
Navagrah Yantra

This yantra represents all the nine planets and the directions related to them. Worship of this yantra invokes the beneficence and blessings of all the navagrahas and good results are gotten from their respective directions.

Om Brahmamurari Tripurantkari Bhanushashi Bhumisutau Budhashch
Gurushch Shukra Shani Rahu Ketvah sarve Graha Shantikara Bhavantu
Shri Ganapati Yantra

Shri Ganapati yantra is for removing all the hurdles and obstacles and for bestowing success, peace and happiness. This yantra destroys debts and gives Ridhi (Dhan) Siddhi (Success) and wisdom and intelligence. Ganesh ji is called vighneshwar because by worshipping Ganesh ji before beginning any task ensures smooth completion of that task. He is also known as Ganapati, Vinayak, Gajamukha and God of intelligence. According to Guru Adishankaracharya, installation of an idol of Ganesh ji in front and behind the main door removes all the hurdles and obstacles and protects the house from any adverse influence.

Om Gan Ganpataye Namah
Saraswati Yantra

Yantra of Goddess Saraswati is a provider of education, intelligence, wisdom and concentration. This yantra keeps the student away from mental tension and gives him success in studies and education. If a child is not inclined towards studying and is unable to concentrate and succeed, then chanting Saraswati mantra in front of Saraswati yantra is helpful.

Om Aing Mahasarswatyai Namah
Maha Lakshmi Yantra

This yantra is an excellent yantra for achieving financial success and prosperity. Worshipping this yantra drives away 'Durdin-Durbhiksha', poverty and debts. Reciting Lakshmi sukta or chanting the following mantra in front of this yantra is especially beneficial.

Om Shreeng hreeng Shreeng Kamaley Kamlalaye Praseed Praseed
Shreeng hreeng shreeng Om Mahalaxmyai Namah
Kamla Yantra

Worshipping this yantra ends poverty, debts, criminal tendency, scarcity, diseases and tension. The houses flourishes with prosperity, peace and happiness. This is a powerful yantra for invoking blessings of Goddess Lakshmi.

Om Ang hreeng Shreeng Kleeng hasauh jagatprasutyai Namah.
Baglamukhi Yantra

The main utility of this yantra is in winning over enemies by destroying them. This yantra activates courage, valour and power, and through them defeats the enemies. Wearing yellow clothes and chanting the following mantra in front of Baglamukhi yantra gives victory in court cases and in disputes with enemies.

Om hreeng Baglamukhi Sarvdushtaanaam Vacham Mukham Padam Stambhay
Jeevhaam Keelay Keelay Baddhim Vinaashay hreeng Om Swaha.
Matangi Yantra

Marital happiness can be achieved by worshipping this yantra. All kinds of luxury and comforts are also achieved.

Om hreeng Kleeng hung Matangyai Phutt Swaha