Profession Related to planets and Directions

According to Vastu Shastra every direction is ruled by a planet. So a profession flourishes in that land if the directions and planets are in favour of it.

East Direction

Among all the planets, Sun rules east direction. The most appropriate direction for keeping medicines, herbs is the east direction. Medicines should be kept in the rack placed in north or east sides. The reason being the Sun rays which are essential for livelihood, appear first in this direction and provide energy to the medicines. By using this medicine the person gets benefit of health rapidly. Ayurvedic and Greek medicines are related to Sun planet, so these should also be kept in the east direction. The drugs which have intoxicated elements should be kept in Western direction. The trade of woolen clothes, wheat grinding machine, flour mills, wheat agency flourish of placed facing the east direction of land.

North East Direction

Jupiter is the lord of North East direction who is said to be the creator of spiritual and virtual thoughts. so the land facing North East direction is beneficial for teachers, principals, religious preachers, priests, occultist, judges, lawyers, administrators, religious institutes and for astrology related work. This direction is specially beneficial for the printing of religious literary volumes. The trade of electrical fans or factory also gets beneficial results if done on the land facing north and east directions.

Planet Jupiter (Guru of Gods) and Mercury (significator of intelligence) rule astrological related work. That is why astro offices should be made either in North east direction or in north side of the land. Light yellow and green colours should be used in astro offices. If the chair of an astrologer is green or yellow in colour it is beneficial. An astrologer should sit facing east or North directions while at work. The books and panchang should be kept at the right side of the astrologer. The statues of Goddess Saraswati. Goddess Laxmi and Lord Ganpati and Yantras should be placed in North east direction.

North Direction

The lord of North direction is planet Mercury who is the significator of intelligence and mind. The land facing North direction is very beneficial for the work or profession related to astrology. The writing of religious literary volumes in poetic form publishing, computer engineering, chartered accountant, business management, commission agent are enhanced if Mercury is in good position. Mercury is related to accounting, so the work related to math's also gets beneficial results. The work related to Telephone exchange, arts, electronics related work, export import, stationary, vastu, radio and television department, also get good results on the land facing North direction. The objects like television and radio which create sound are karka tatwa of Mercury. Garment industries, or work related to garments and flowers also get enhanced in North direction. General store, grocery shop and printing of clothes etc work also get auspicious results in North direction.

North West Direction

The lord of this direction is planet Moon who is the karaka of mind, blood and fluids. So the works related to water, things grown in water like singhara, fish, milk, curd, ghee and ghee made items get beneficial results in this direction. The other profession which flourish in this direction are trade of milk, and milk giving animals.

South West Direction

The lord of this direction is planet Rahu. For the trades of drainage pipe lines, chimneys which are used in house and factories (the outlet of smoke), the items required for electricity, drugs and poison related work, batteries etc. This direction is most appropriate Rahu has domain over liquor drugs that is why filled with drugs bottles should be kept in South West direction. Empty drugs and wine bottles, glasses, crockery should be kept in South direction. As Saturn rules West direction and Rahu has dominance on South West. Mars rules South direction and all these are tamsik planets. That is why the manager should sit facing West or South direction in bars. For the politicians, scientists and spies, the land facing South West direction is auspicious.

South Direction

Planet Mars rules South direction. This direction is auspicious for hotels, dining hall, food items restaurants and related professions. Mars is a fiery planet so the work related to food, drink, food items, get enhanced if Mars has an auspicious place in the kundali. For the professions related to electricity, radio, TV, computer, jewelery, spying services, police, medical, Doctor, lawyer South facing direction is very fruitful.

The best direction to start the business for ice cream and cold beverages etc is North West (Vayavya). Machines filling empty bottles with drinks, milk and Gas should be stored in South. Milk related works should be started in Vayavya kona. Especially for storage for raw milk Vayavya is the best direction. Because milk is signified by Moon. Nairitaya and West directions should be prohibited for milk business. Rahu in Nairitaya and Saturn in West have their domain. Both the planets have enemity Sat moon. That is why stored milk in these direction gets spoiled very fast.

Cooking gas is ruled by planet Mars, so Gas cylinders should be kept in South direction by the traders who are involved in Gas agency business. Gas cylinders should not be kept in South West (Nairitaya direction) because this direction is ruled by Rahu, and cooking gas is ruled by Mars. The combination of these two things makes Angarak yoga which may trades for clothes, garment business purchasing/selling of clothes, agriculture, alcohol, wine, sliver and air condition related business.

For the profession of cold beverages, ice-cream also, North West direction is the most appropriate one. Empty glass bottles, gas, drinks filling machines should be kept in South direction. Work related to milk should be started in North West direction. Specially fresh milk store house should be made in North West direction as Moon is karaka of milk. West and West South directions are abandoned for this profession of milk. One should follow this principle seriously as east direction is ruled by Saturn and South West is ruled by Rahu and both these planets are enemies of planet Moon. It is for this, reason the milk stored in these directions is spoiled in no time.

West Direction

Saturn rules West direction. The trade of iron, leather, coal, lower jobs, wood and prostitution etc get benefit in this direction. For the progress of beer and wine industries, leather factories, Planet Saturn should be yogakaraka. All kinds of wood work and furniture are also related to Saturn. Saturn is significator of iron also. If Saturn is strong in kundali the business of transport gets enhanced. Soaps, detergents etc these things are also related to Saturn and get beneficial results if business is done in West direction.

Lord, facing west side is extremely good for chest and eyes specialist doctors. Saturn is yogakarak planet for engineering because Saturn is serious and a philosophical planet. So this direction is very auspicious for computer engineer, electrical engineer and civil engineering.

Result in either seepage or blast of gas cylinders. West direction is also not appropriate for gas cylinders as this direction is ruled by planet Saturn who is the enemy of mars. So the combination of the two may result in accidents and many problems in the professions.

Petrol pump comes under the domain of Mars, it should be placed in Agneya or South direction of the land. Nairatya or West direction should not be used for petrol pump. Rahu and Saturn both are enemies of Mars. The combination of this may create the possibility of negativity and may lead to some accident.

South East Direction

The lord of this (South East) direction is Venus. Professions related to cinema hall, film studio, Music, modeling and Dance, drama get auspicious results in South East facing land. Planet Venus signifies Glamour and show biz, so for the success of all these works, Venus should be in an auspicious place. Perfumes, silk clothes garments ladies garments, readymade garment, designer clothes, recreational work, gifts and decoration pieces etc works get enhanced in this direction. Beauticians and beauty parlors also the yields fruitful results in this direction. Musician and singers gets auspicious results in this direction.

Purchase/sale of Cars, scooters and all private luxurious vehicles are ruled by planet Venus. Venus rules the interior decoration of cars also. Venus is related to all the recreational buildings. So these professions if started in South East direction, get beneficial results.

Gambling, gaining house and casinos are related to Venus and Rahu so the works related to these get enhanced in South east and nairatya direction. All kinds of works and speculations come under the domain of Rahu. To win in gambling, one should have the benefit of Venus and Rahu both. Casinos should not be kept in North and East directions as North is ruled by planet Jupiter, who is an enemy of gambling. Sun rules East direction so, the works related to casinos and gambling can not run successfully in North and East directions.