To find out the auspicious place for commercial complex in the hilly region

If a piece of land is surrounded by tall buildings and plateau in its South and West directions, and if there is a river, pond or a garden in its north and East directions that is considered the best land for earning money. If it is surrounded by high mountains in all its sides the land won't yield good results (money point of view). In fact, this kind of land is not fit for any kind of works and professions.

Auspicious place for Hotel in hilly region

If there are high and spherical hills behind the land in South & West directions which serve as protective measure and if in north and east directions there is an open field or a river. This is the most suitable and auspicious land for a hotel as the hotel constructed on this land becomes famous and the centre of attraction for the tourists.

Inauspicious place for hotel in hilly region

If the land is surrounded by scary and unevenly mountains specially in North and East directions, and if there is a pond or a river in the West and South directions, one should not do hotel business on such a land.

Elevated land across the VIP road in front of commercial complex

If the land is elevated and there is a plateau in front of the commercial complex. and the entrance door is in the back side in the open field. the land will be protected by the natural calamities and the rainwater, and profit will be good. If the main door is afflicted by cracks or some holes in it, it is not auspicious as it will work as a hindrance in the progress of the hotel (commercial complex).

An auspicious place for Commercial complex

If you are planning to buy a land in hilly region for a commercial complex or a hotel, just take care that there should not be mountains, rocks or huge stones in West and South part of the land, the north and east part of the land should be opened or if there is a river or a plateau the land is very auspicious and will yield good results in terms of health and wealth. The work started on such a land will flourish in very good manner.

Abandoned land

One should not start any business or commercial works on a land which has mountains in it's north and South directions or a river, sea or flowing water in its west and South directions. The business will not progress on this type of land.

Don't buy a land hammed in between two big pieces of land

Don't buy any commercial plot which is hammed between two big pieces of land, even though it is precious. This type of land will bring loss in business and may cause (poverty) for the owner.

A source of water in North and East of Commercial plot

If there is any natural source of water, a river, lake in the east or Eshan kona (North East) of commercial complex, hospital, Institute or any multipurpose plot the land is very auspicious and it will yield extremely good results. Any artificial water resource like well, bore well will also be good. The patients taking treatment in this hospital their recovery will be fast, the student studying in school will be successful. If it is a commercial building the business will flourish and all the staff will be prosperous and wealthy.

South West (Nairatya Kona) of a hotel or rest house should be Heavier

According to the vastu principle the South West of a hotel or rest house should be higher than other direction. In order, Nairatya should be highest, then Agneya kona (South East), Vayavya (North West) and the last is Ishan Kona (North East). The wall of Nairatya kona should be strong and thick. This principle should be strictly followed while constructing a hotel, rest house or dharamshala.

Ishan Kona (North East) of factory or a shop should be kept empty

There should not be any construction in North East side of a factory or a shop. You can make heavy construction in Nairatya kona or Agnikona (South East) sides as it will give prosperity, while it is not auspicious in Ishan kona.

Principle of Construction of Commercial plot

If you have bought a plot in some well developed, or posh commercial area that is on a VIP road and planning to construct a shop or office on it. It should be equal in height to neighboring shops or house. It is faller, higher, longer or unproportionate it won't yield favorable results.