Cancellation of Harmful yoga in death (Arishta bhanga Yoga)

Arishta is serious harm caused to a child or an older Jatak (Individual).

Arishta bhanga (Cancelation) is cancellation of Arishta. It gives protection and results in comparative improvement.

The association of strong benefic protects the child.
  1. Predominance of benefic influence on Lagna, Lagna lord, Moon or Moon's depositors, or on Kendras cancels Balarishta.
  2. If a strong dignified (Exalted or own sign etc.) Jupiter in Cancer, Sagittarius or Pisces sign is placed in Lagna it gives strong protection against evils. In such a position he is supposed to overcome one Lakh doshas. In a similar condition, Venus overcomes ten thousand doshas and Mercury in similar situation cancels one thousand doshas.
  3. Strong lagna lord in Kendras, protects and supports the child, it promotes longevity.
  4. Strong lagna lord in Kendras seeing by benefic, unseeing by malefic destroys affliction and promotes longevity.
  5. If moon is placed in sixth eighth or twelfth house, under the aspect of malefic and if the birth is at night time in shukla paksha (From sunset to sunrise) or in day time (sun rise to sunset) in Krishna Paksha, then instead of killing, this Moon protects the child like Maa Bhagwati. (A very strong combination)
  6. Rahu in third sixth and eleventh house seeing by a benefic removes affliction instantaneously. If Aries, Taurus or Cancer are in Lagna, with Rahu placed in it, then also, any affliction gets neutralized.
  7. If Sun is placed in the twelfth house for Libra lagna it gives an Ayu of 100 years (a very strong combination) 100 years means a long life- complete age.
  8. If moon is in sixth or eighth house, but he is in Dreshkone (D chart) of benefic- then it cancels Arishta.
  9. Full moon seeing by all planets cancels Arishta.
  10. Benefic in sixth seventh and eighth house from lagna or Moon, unassociated with malefic provide strong protection against Arishta. (Chandra or Lagna Adhiyoga).
  11. Jupiter and Venus in Kendras destroy evils.
  12. If lagna is strong and the benefic are also strong while the malefic are weak, the child is protected from danger.
  13. If full moon is seeing by Venus, who is in a friendly Navamsa (D chart), it destroys evil.
  14. Strong good Rajayogas in the horoscope also promote longevity.

Moon and the lagna lord are the main factors to be considered. When they come under strong malefic influence, Arishta is produced. If they also receive benefic influence in the form of aspect or placement of benefic, then Arishta is reduced or wiped out completely.

It must be remembered, that when a benefic aspect has to protect, then that aspect must come from a good house. If a benefit is placed in the eighth house and is seeing from there, then the aspect will not provide enough protection.

If Arishta bhanga (Cancelation) exists, it does not mean that Arishta will not come at all. It means that Arishta will come but the child will be protected. If the affliction is too much and the cancellation is not very strong then the child may die. But if the affliction is medium and protection is strong then all will be well.

Remedial measures and prayers do wonders and may save the child when the Arishta bhanga (Cancelation) fails.