Varshphal (Annual Prediction)


Book         : Varshphal (Annual Prediction)

Publisher : Akhil Bhartiya Vedic Shikshan
                    Avam Parshikshan Sansthan

Author     : Acharya V Shastri

About The Book

Varshphal is a unique report prepared by us which gives insight into your current year spanning from one birth day to next one. This report will cover all aspects of your life. Apart from the horoscope in astrology, how will the year of the native be, for that the study and deliberation of the year is very necessary. Tajik Nilakanthi is considered to be a special astrological book in the year, keeping this in mind, this book has been composed. In this way it is the time of journey of the Sun, in which it travels across the entire zodiac. The yearly horoscope is first made to know the Varshphal. For making horoscope, birth year, birth date, birth place or birth horoscope and the effect of Sun sunlight and festivity are required during birth chart. Year Horoscope Year is made at the time of admission. The foresight of the birth of the sun when it comes in the same situation next year is called the time of entry. From the Yearly horoscope Varshphal of the year is determined. It is also explained in this book the way of knowing. Similarly, by knowing the time of monthly entry, monthly horoscope is determined and by monthly horoscope one can find monthly and daily functions.

Book Index

  1. What is Tajik? Importance of Tajik Yoga, Muntha, varshesh, varsheswar, varsh parvesh, tajik dristiya, mudda dasha, saham, tripata ki vedh chakra, samunder chakra.
  2. Varsh Kundli (annual horoscope) making of annual chart and calculate with tajik calculations.
  3. How to calculate Muntha in varsh Kundli, muntha result as per the placing, aspect to muntha, who is muntha lord, when muntha release its results.
  4. Tajik aspect, deeptansh
  5. Power of planets calculation in tajik neelkanthi yoga, harsh bal, sthan bal, div ratri bal, panchvargeya bal, maitri chakra, rashi bal, grah bal, uch bal, hudda bal, dreshkan bal, navmansh bal, dwadash vargeya bal, with some examples.
  6. Varsh panchadhikari or varshesh calculation, rules for varshesh, varshesh rule as per harsh bal, varshesh rule as per panchadhikari methods.
  7. Mudda Dasha calculations, Vimshotri mudda dasha calculations, yogini mudda dasha calculations, patyansh / patyani mudda dasha calculations.
  8. Results of mudda dasha with rules, surya mudda dasha, Chandra mudda dasha, mangal mudda dasha, budh mudda dasha, guru mudda dasha, shukra mudda dasha, shani mudda dasha, rahu mudda dasha, ketu mudda dasha.
  9. Varshesh results and rules, purna bal, madhyam bali, shunya or alp bali, results of varshesh surya (sun), results of varshesh Chandra (moon), results of varshesh mangal (mars), results of varshesh budh (mercury), results of varshesh guru (Jupiter), results of varshesh shukra (venus), results of varshesh shani (Saturn), impact of rahu ketu on varshesh.
  10. Tajik Yog, friendly aspect, enemy aspect, Iqbal yog, induvar yog, itsal yog, mutsal yog, ishraf yog, nakat yog, yamya yog, ganeu yog, kambul yog, gairi kambul yog, khallasar yog, radd yog, dufalikuth yog, kuth yog, dutekuthir or kuthir yog, tambir yog, duruf yog, Chandra duruf yog, other tajik yog by Nawab khan khana shab ji.
  11. Saham, calculation of saham, general rules of saham, results of saham.
  12. Tripataki chakra, sapsalakha vedh chakra, panchshlakha chakra, troshlakha, tripataka or tripataki vedh chakra, rules for planets placing.
  13. Samundra chakra, constillation calculation for its placing with rule, some examples.
  14. Varshphal vichar, first house, aristh or anisht vichar, arsith bhang yog vichar, change of place yoga, second house, gain or loss calculation regarding the assets, third house, support of younger brother or sister or they may be cheated, fourth house, special benefice yog or ashubh yog, fifth house, Sanatan Prapti, first baby, conceive a baby, chances of twins, hurdles of conceive, success or failure in competition, sixth house, seventh house, marriage, marital unhappiness, journey, eight house, hurdles, death like effects, ninth house, destiny, past life karma results, spiritual journeys, tenth house, joining of job or get promotions, eleventh house, success in desires, twelfth house.
  15. Monthly charts, monthly horoscope for all twelve month.
  16. Daily horoscope or hora Kundli, day lord, day muntha lord.
  17. Uses of Varshphal, reasons of diseases, reason and rules of death or death like effects.
  18. Upgraha, dhumadi upgraha, gulikadi upgraha, upgraha rules and calculations, pranpadh.

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