Book         : Longevity

Publisher : Akhil Bhartiya Vedic Shikshan
                    Avam Parshikshan Sansthan

Author     : Acharya V Shastri

About The Book

Book about 32 methods of calculations longevity. After calculating it by a numbers of methods, if similar age is found in more than one method, then it can be relied upon to a certain extent. You can find some Practical and real examples of some celebrities horoscopes.

Book Index

  1. Longevity
  2. Phases of Age
  3. Role of Markesh
    Eight of types of Death, Who is Markesh? Markesh for all 12 Ascendant? Role of Asendant and Eighth house lord.
  4. Balarista Yoga
    Five types of Balarista, Classical combinations of Balarista, Some examples horoscope of Balarista Yoga.
  5. Arista Bhanga Yoga
    14 types arista bhanga (cancellation) yoga golden rules, In many chart this yoga is made but due to these rule it will canceled
  6. What is Gadanta Birth?
    6 types of Gadanta Results of Gadanta, Acording Constilation results of Gadanta Yoga.
  7. Age Factors and Rule
    What is 9 types Age Calculations Methods, How to determine longevity.
  8. What is Pindayu?
    How to Calculate Pindayu with some examples?
  9. What is Nisargayu?
    How to calculate Nisargayu with some exapmles? Is planetry degree creates major impact on Nisargayu?
  10. What is Amsayu?
    How to calculate Amsayu with some exapmles?
  11. Jamini Factors in Ayurdaya
    What is Alp Ayu? What is Madhya Ayu? What is Poornaayu? What HRAS? Computation of Hora in age calculations, three type’s planetary positions, some example horoscope of famous person.
  12. Other Methods of longevity
    Purushakar chakra with some examples and other methods
  13. Conclusion of Age
  14. Timing of Death
  15. Kind of Death

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