Book         : Shadbal

Publisher : Akhil Bhartiya Vedic Shikshan
                    Avam Parshikshan Sansthan

Author     : Acharya V Shastri

About The Book

A Text Book on Shadbal Planets on account of certain positions in zodiac acquire strength & weakness. In order to assess the exact potency or strength of a planet, it is necessary to scrutinize its position in the Zodiac from various points of view. These various sources of strength are called Balas of planet.Six types of Power (Bal) of all planets in horoscope.

Book Index

  1. Introduction
    What is shadbal, uses of shadbal, importance of Shadbal, types of shadbal.
  2. Positional Strength
    Exaltation strength, Saptvargya Strength, Relation betweent planets as per Natural, temporary and fivefold friendship rule, Planets relations in divisional charts, Angular Strength.
  3. Directional Strength
    What is directional strength, What is ARC?
  4. Temporal Strength
    What is Divratari Bal? What is Paksha Bal? What is Tribhaga Bal? What is Abda Bal? What is Masbal, What is Varbal? What is Horabal? What is Ayanbal?
  5. Motional Strength
    Chest Kendra, Mean Longitude, Epoch, Sheegrochpcha, longitude of planets, motional strength calculations.
  6. Permanent Strength
    What is permanent strength and calculations?
  7. Aspect Strength
    Aspect angle 30 degree to 360 degree and calculations.
  8. Total Strength of Planets
    What is Total Strength of Planets?
  9. Total Shadbal Strength
    What is Total Shadbal Strength?
  10. House strength
    What is House strength?

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