Business or industrial Maps based on Vastu Principles

Offices situated on North Ways: The maps of various business complex and industries located in different directions are being discussed here keeping in view the vastu principles. How to organise an office as per the vastu rules and principles has been described below in the picture. The brahmsthan of office kept absolutely load free & vastu instructions have been fallowed from the room of main organizer and to accounts officer.

Offices situated on North Ways

Offices situated on North Ways: In the map shown below the main entrance door is in the North & reception room is in North east direction. Conference room is in Vayavya direction. The head office is in South West direction and pantry room is in South & East. The east part is opened maximum which proves that the office is constructed according to vastu principles.

Offices situated on North Ways

Factory situated on East Ways: The main entrance door is on eastern side as shown in the map. The place for keeping readymade product is kept in Vayavya sthan. So that it could sold out quickly. North & East directions and Brahmsthan have flower garden. Means Brahmsthan which is said to be the heart of factory is kept open by making flower garden at this place. A fountain has also been placed in the East Ishan kona. The boring inside the factory has been done in East Ishan. So, all these factors prove that this is an ideal factory made as per the vastu principles.

Factory situated on East Ways

School situated on Eastern Ways: The Vastu of an ideal school is shown in this map. Which is constructed right from principal's office to toilets as per the vastu principles. The arrangement of classrooms has been done in such a way that student's face east side while studying.

School situated on Eastern Ways

Vastu Temple: The main entrance door of the temple is kept towards the east side. The second entrance door is kept to North & West directions. There is open place on four sides of the temple, but North and East directions have more of open space. The east side has flower garden, and a pond or small fountain. In Vayavya kona, place for keeping shoes and chappals has been arranged and the arrangement for washing face and hand is towards the North. Parking arrangement is being done in North or east directions. (Well or pumb) water source or underground storage for water in North east and the kitchen for prasadam is made in South East directions. Prasadam sthal (the place from where the Prasadam can be bought is in North east direction. Hoondi or donation box is kept in North and east side. The entire construction of the temples has been done on the basis of vastu principles.

Vastu Temple

Vastu of Hospital: The main entrance door is on eastern side and reception hall is made in Ishan kona. ICU ward is in North West, and operation theater is in West direction. Emergency ward is in east and X-ray & CT scan machines are placed in South East. The arrangement of all the rooms in the hospital is being done according to Vastu.

Vastu of Hospital

Vastu Dosha in Temple: 25 km away from Gaya city, in Uttar Bela village, there is an ancient Kali temple made in Dwapar yuga. The temple has boundary wall on its four sides. There is a very old well in broken state and completely dried up. The main entrance door of the temple is made in south Naritya which is not considered good from Vastu point of view. There is a huge tree straight to entrance door and Garbh Grih (a central room in a temple containing a deity) Near the entrance boring is in south Naritya kona and an arrangement of generator in main lshan kona of a temple is being made. All these factors play negative role in the popularity and growth of the temple.

Vastu Dosha in Temple

Vastu faults of temple were removed from the Temple: The main entrance door of Kali temple was advised in the east and the second door in the south direction. Well should be kept neat and clean. The arrangement of generator was advised in south East. Boring in South was closed down and made in North East direction. The front portion of the temple was filled with water.

Vastu faults

Analysis of a vastu defected factory: The land of the factory is not symetrical the Ishan & North of the land is cut and South-West part is extended. There are big buildings in North side of the plot and factory is made on the Brahmsthan of the plot. The South West part of the plot extended, a big pond is made on this portion, the result factory is in loss from the first day itself. There are problems on each day and the financial situation of the factory kept on deteriorating. It is not easy to predict the close down of the factory. The relation with government departments was also spoiled. The owner of the factory went into a state of bankrupcy. Conflict amongst the partners has also started.

vastu defected factory

Vastu defects of the factory renovated: After Investigation of the factory, the extended portion in South and West direction was cut and seperated from the plot and the constructed pond on that area was filled. A fountain was made on the North and East portion of the plot. An advise of removing the big buildings in North side was given. In all the doors from East to North, Pyramids was fixed. In the Brahmsthan (central place) of the plot fixing of max pyramid was advised. Factory was shifted to South West direction of the plot by building a pyramid wall on South side of the plot. The factory is doing well after applying all these renovations. The popularity and prosperity of the factory is enhanced. The financial condition of the factory is progressing day by day.

factory renovated

Analysis of a Vastu defected Turmeric factory: There is a huge tree right in front of the main entrance door of the factory. A latrine and septic tank were also made near the entrance door which is not considered auspicious from Vastu point of view. The floor from South West to North West is very low than East & Ishan kona. The Shade in South West or West over factory machine is lower than shades in the east. The arrangement for outlet for the water is kept in the South direction. All these factors are against the principles of Vastu. The result of which factory was in loss financially. The owner of the factory became weak financially. He got distracted from the work. Electricity and income tax department created problems and government harassment kept on increasing. Factory has reached in the state of closing down.

Turmeric factory

Factory was which had many Vastu doshas renovated according to vastu principles: First of all, the septic tank and toilets made in North direction of the factory was advised to shift in north West direction. The level of plot was corrected and the water outlet was made in the North east direction. The shade from South West side to West of the factory was made high. The tree near the entrance door was advised to remove. The factory is now leading towards path of progress after applying all these vastu suggestions.

Vastu doshas renovated