Syllabus of Samudrik Maharishi

The student will be informed the topic of research by the professor which will be discussed in the class. All students will participate in these discussions so that they can benefi t from the subjects of one another.

The research will proceed according to following stages :

  1. Selection of topic of research-submission of synopsis
  2. List of rules available in shastras on the topic.
  3. Formation of a questionnaire.
  4. Collection of data for the topic (100 to 1000)
  5. Application of classical rules on data to each topic.
  6. Relations of a rule and its result in each topic.
  7. Formulation of new rules, showing application in particular cases researched upon.
  8. Publication of research papers in journals. Submit copies of journals.
  9. To write the thesis.
  10. Viva voce.

Reference Books for Learning