Birthday Puja

Birthday Puja

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Important details Regarding Birthday Puja
Pooja Name:
Birthday Puja
Puja objective: kind wishes of Markandey Rishi and Lord Ganpati.
Time of Puja: 6 to 7 Hours.
Best days for worshipping: According to your Birthday.
Things for Birthday Puja: Purava Janama Karma, Puja of Rishi Markandey and Lord Ganpati  (as per desired Muhurta), Ashtottara Namavali Path, Ganesha Stotra path, Homam (Havan) and prayer of rishi Markandey and Lord Ganpati.
Important: We will send Puja picture via email
Assurance: WebAstrologers assure to you best to best puja according to shastra.

Important things we will do? 

Once you have ordered the Puja, you will get a booking confirmation e-mail.
After Confirmation, we will worship (Ritual) for you bestowing to Muhurat.

Birthday Role in Your whole Life
We conduct Birthday Pooja as per rituals as described in the shastra and Vedic Indian astrology books. Remedies through our Happy Birthday Pooja will beneficial for you with fortune and achievement in your life. Accomplish by our certified Jyotishi, Acharyas or Pandits in South West Delhi, birthday Puja will belongs in terms of progress and wealth in your chosen effort. WebAstrologers forming Pooja only for you on this moment with the help of learned Indian Vedic pundits or Acharyas. You can book Pooja for Janamdin (Birthday) online at our website.

Importance of Birthday puja

Birthday puja is now believe to be one of the most essential remedial measures in an Vedic Astrology based on which some key rituals devoted to pacify your malefic planets in kundli are followed under the guidance of an scholar Acharya and pandit. It should be noted with a great attention that birthday puja should never be carry without advice acharya or pandit about an auspicious day for this important day of the year, and the puja must follow denotation and pleading of your Astrologer or pandit. It is important or else, the full benefit of birthday puja will not be obtained.

Activities for Birthday Puja

  1. Poorvang Karma (Ganesh Pujan, Matra Pujan, Abhyudaya, Punya Wachan, Kalash Sthapana, Raksha vidhan, Navgrah Puja)
  2. Puja of Markandey Rishi and Lord Ganesha (as per auspicious Muhurta)
  3. Ashtottara Namavali Path, Ganesh Stotra path
  4. Homa (Havan)
  5. Prayer and Aarti of Markandey rishi and Lord Ganesh

Benefits of birthday puja

  • A birthday puja, if done in accordance with proper rituals and procedures, results in curative effects in your kundli as an unfavorable planet in your birth chart no longer casts its ill spell on your life.
  • Prosperity blooms in your life.
  • Growth that was once an elusive concept in your life comes back.
  • Fills you with new-generated power and enthusiasm.

In Short
Birthday is one of the extremely beneficial days in your life. This is the very day when Vedic astrology predicts your fortune based on the position of constellation, dasha or transit of planets in the Vedic system. Birthday Puja is an auspicious method for removing bad effects caused by malefic Planetary Transits in your chart. Besides, such Pooja thrive your life Affirmative by our Pooja and Anushthan Services.


₹7500 ₹5100

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