Syllabus of Jyotish Alankar

Timing, Shadbala and Upagraha

  • Timing of Events : Horoscope analysis, prediction technique, prediction and timing of event using dasa and transit for health, education, marriage, children, finance or profession, to rectify time of birth using past events.
  • Shadbala Six fold Strength : Positional, Directional, Kaal, Motional and Natural Strengths of Planets, Calculation of sixfold Strengths on the basis of Directional Strength, Strength of a House, Calculation of Isht and Kasht Phal, Predictions by Sixfold Strengths.
  • Upagraha : Calculation and their results of Upagraha like Gulika, Mandi, Dhoom and Yamghantak.

Horary and Varshphal

  • Horary : Principles of Horary astrology, How to analyze different queries, When the work will be accomplished, Predictions for Theft, Disease, Marriage, Children, Business etc by Horary horoscopes, Work will be successful or not ? Determination of timing of an event, Whether the incident will take place or not ? If Yes When ?
  • Varshphal Annual Horoscope : Main principles of calculating Varshphal, Varsh pravesh, Muntha, Five fold strength, Year lord, Importance of Year lord in Varshphal, Tripataki chakra, Saham, Mudda dasa calculation and its results, 16 yogas.


  • Practical : Predict for important events of life & compare with actual happenings. Cast horary chart for a real life question, answer it and test its accuracy. Predict according to Varshphal or vimshottari dasha for past one year for some one known and compare for the accuracy.

Reference Books for Learning