General Location of the Bedrooms

Northeast direction belongs to our creator the supreme god. Deva Guru Jupiter owns this direction. For these reasons it not a Suitable place for a bedroom. The bedroom is controlled by Venus who is a planet of enjoyment and luxury. Jupiter considers Venus to be his enemy and will reduce the effect of Venus if the bedroom is made in this direction.

There will be lack of bed pleasures for the couple and as a result there will be less emotional attachment to each other. Apart from this, disputes and serious chronic ailments can also result. However, a bedroom for children up to 17-18 years of age can be made in the Ishan. If their bedroom is in this direction then they will remain disciplined and within customs and decorum. Jupiter, the planet of wisdom, and Mercury, the planet of intelligence, collectively control this direction.

Location of Bedroom
Location of Bedroom

Apart from this, the Northeast direction represents water which is necessary for their growth and development. Ishan kona bedroom can also be used by the elderly people who are in the vanaprastha stage of life.

Bedroom for children over 17-18 years of age can be made in the Southeast corner. However, it is not advisable for children who are very aggressive, hot tempered and violent, because this direction is Agneya kona and it will only make them more hot tempered and violent.

Agneya kona is also not suitable for a newly wed couple. It will bring about tension in their life and they will not sleep well. All the same, this direction is suitable for such a couple who do not have a great desire for having children. Southeast is controlled by Venus and fire resides there, with the result it will generate energy, passion and excitement which will create a desire for children. This bedroom is not suitable for a pregnant woman or a woman who is prone to miscarriages.

The best direction for a newly wed couple is vayavya kona. This direction is very good for developing mutual love and happiness. It is also very good for conceiving children. Sleeping with head in the South or East direction is helpful for this purpose. After conception the couple should sleep in the southern part of the room. The wife should sleep towards her husband's left side for marital happiness.

The head of the family or the eldest person should have his bedroom in the Southwest of the house. This bedroom is known as the master bedroom. Southwest represents Earth. This gives stability to the house and helps the owner in taking major decisions. The bed should be placed in the Nairritya kona.


Grown up children can also have their bedroom in the South.

Vayavya (Northwest) is the best place for a bedroom for guests and for unmarried children. Moon controls this direction. He facilitates the children's marriage and their change of residence. This is very good for girls of marriageable age. It is also good for guests. Because Moon and vayu are fast moving the guests also leave timely. This direction is not suitable for young children. Being influenced by Moon and Vayu the children become very restless and lose their concentration in studies.

The bedroom should not be made in the centre of the house, which is the Brahma Sthan, which pulls a lot of energy. So, this place is not good for peace and comfort.

Many houses are not situated in the exact cardinal directions. Even in such houses the bedrooms should be made in their proper places. If bathroom, toilet or dressing rooms have to be made adjoining the bedroom, then they should be made towards the Northern or Western side. The Southwest and the Western corner of the bedroom should never remain vacant.

While sleeping if the feet are towards the East then it promotes name, fame and good fortune or Bhagya. If the feet are towards the West, then it promotes spirituality and gives peace of mind. If the feet are towards the North then it generates wealth and enhances bhagya. If the feet are towards the South then one cannot sleep well. Our head is considered to be Uttarayana while the feet are considered to be Dakshinayana. If our head is towards the North then the Earth's magnetic North pole rejects our North pole and this is not good for blood circulation and peaceful sleep. This results in mental tension and pain and tightness in the chest. It can also give bad dreams or nightmares. South is the direction of yama. For this reason, feet of the dead body are kept facing towards south.

For all these reasons it is advisable to sleep with the feet towards North. In this position the magnetic: attraction between the North and South poles of the earth and the respective poles of our body is in complete harmony and this is good for our health and our sleep.

Placement of the bed is also important. The bed should be placed such that a solid wall is behind it almost touching it. This gives stability. The door should be visible from the bed, but the feet should not be directly in front of the door or it can produce death like fear and marital disharmony. The bed should not be placed under an open beam. If the beam comes between the couple, it ruins their mutual relationship. If it comes above the body cutting it then it is harmful for health.

The mattress also needs consideration. The mattress of the double bed should be one large mattress. If two single mattresses are placed on a double bed then the couple ends up sleeping on separate mattresses and this slowly creates a rift between the two.

Television and computer in the bedroom also create tension and rift between the couple, so these should not be kept in the bedroom. Even a mirror in the bedroom is not advisable. This is more so in the case of a newly wed couple. If it is necessary to keep a dressing table in the bedroom then it should be kept alongside the Northern or Eastern wall in such a manner that while sleeping no part of anyone's body is seen in the mirror. Otherwise problems will arise in that part of the body.

The roof of the master bedroom should not be lower than that of the other rooms. It should either be of the same level as the rest of the rooms or higher than them. In a similar manner the level of the floor of the master bedroom should be higher than that of the other rooms.

The door of the bedroom should be of only one plank. It should be either in North-East or in the West. Small windows can be made in the North and in the East.

Heavy articles like cupboards and show cases should be placed along the South or West wall. Mezzanine should be in the South or West. The electrical articles should be placed in the Southeast corner.

Pictures of the departed family members and those of war, ferocious birds and animals should not be placed in the bedroom. These become inauspicious.

Walls of the bedroom can be painted light pink, beige, light green or chocolate colour. White marble should not be used in the bedroom.

Best place for studies in the bedroom is in the West. It can even be in the East. It is beneficial to study facing East.

Bagua mirror should be hung with a red string on the outer side of the door to keep the negative energy away.